"I've Beat the Game!"

What makes me, me, isn't my personality
It isn't about how i feel about myself, because the reality
Is what makes me, me is the mistakes I've made
The things I've done, the risks I took,
All the lessons I've learned, all the prices that I've paid
I am what society says I am
Most people think they can't change what society thinks
But you can
I can
I can tell society who I want to be
As long as I don't choke when being judged
I have a chance at greatness, I can rise above the world
I'll work my way to the top
And when I reach the summit of my potential I'll scream,
"I've beat the game! I'm living the dream!"
I'll make it to the top one day
And I won't leave behind any scraps
Scraps of my former self