The Little Bird

Resilient is the little bird,
Shivering on a pitiful perch
As the wind whistles and whips,
Tossing around branches and sticks.
A fierce storm has struck at dusk,
Yet the little bird is nonplussed,
As people run and duck and dive,
Using umbrellas as a means to survive,
Listen to the song sung without words;
Even above the rain it can still be heard,
The little bird sings a song of hope,
Seeing the world through a kaleidoscope,
Not like us; who fear the stormy night,
Our feathered friend sings for the light;
Even when the world is filled with gloom,
There is always the hum of the toneful tune.
So when the storm seems most fierce,
And life has got you at the brink of tears;
When all it seems is wrong with the world,
Just listen out, for the little bird.