Madame Morelia's

The January streets were cold and chilly after new year, but held a promising atmosphere. The mass of shivering people wore happy smiles lit up by the occasion. The night seemed welcoming and bright.

Antoinette dug her hands deep into her coat pockets and sunk her nose into her fluffy scarf. She shuffled past countless stores lining the frosted streets. Sludge and dirty ice gathered at her boot soles while she made a desperate attempt to stomp it off.

She often took the long way home, leisurely strolling down the damp pavement. Mama would surely give her a lecture about staying out late, but the young girl relished her time to herself.

She lifted her head skywards and gazed up at the midnight clouds. Snowflakes tickled her face. She stuck out her tongue and tried to catch them on it as they floated down. While she was distracted, her ears caught a majestic harmony. She blinked and looked around.

Her eyes filled up with light. She found herself gazing through the glass of Madame Morelia's ballet studio.

It was beautiful! Figures in white dresses and pointed shoes twirling around with such grace. They looked like angels! Antoinette was drawn to it, pressing her palms to the cold window. Her chest filled with pleasure and longing. Oh, how she wished to be one of them!

She couldn't pry her eyes away. It gave her warmth just by looking. The little girl was so mesmerized, she didn't even notice when the door opened and a tall ballerina stepped out. A puff of warm air blew her from the side.

The tall woman's eyes softened at the sight of the small girl. "Hello, darling."

Antoinette was left speechless. She looked up at the lady with wide brown eyes. "Good evening, Madam."

The ballerina smiled knowingly. "You will make a wonderful ballerina one day."

And just like that, she walked off into the windy streets.

Antoinette was short for words. She sighed with longing and tore herself away from the window. She hurried away in the direction of her home, brimming with happy thoughts.

There was oh so much to discuss with Mama!

Author's Note: This story is actually inspired from the cover photo I have for it, and I wrote this really quickly just because I needed something to do. I don't think I will be continuing it though. I'm not really sure how I could, anyway. It's really short and takes place in France. I always admired ballerinas.