… shit. I'm so fucking lonely. Long fingers tapped on the desk slowly, a rhythmic sound that imitated his heartbeat. Spent three weeks in this hotel, and I've got a lot more to go. My job keeps me so busy I don't even have time for a relationship.

He dug into the minifridge, pulling out a small bottle of vodka. "To loneliness," he muttered, raising the tiny bottle. He downed it, looking in the mirror at his disheveled brown hair and green eyes. I've been working too hard. I'm looking older by the day and I'm only 25. He sat a moment before coming up with an idea. Well, it's not like trying this one time will make much of a difference. Someday I might not have to do this anymore.

Reaching into his wallet, he pulled out a card with nothing but a phone number written across the top. He dialed the number and waited. "Hello? Yeah, I need an escort for the evening. The best you got. … Yeah. Male. I'll pick him up at that place." He hung up the phone and picked up his jacket, heading to pick the guy up.

On the corner of 18th and River Blvd, a young man with blonde hair waited on his ride to come by and get him. The wind was blowing, but inside his jacket, the young man was warm. He wondered what kind of man he would be. One of his regulars was violent, leaving bruises on him often, and the other was a weak, sniveling man who pretended to sympathize with his situation, leaving a bad taste in the young man's mouth every time. He preferred the bruises to the false pity. Sometimes he got wealthy women who wanted children. All of that was nothing to him. A job was a job.

The people he worked for were more regulated and strict than most places. He had to provide a regular screening for diseases, and with each escort, they came with an updated list proving them healthy. The customers paid more for quality, and he was the company's pride and joy. His short blonde hair, blue eyes, delicate cheekbones and thin physique proved him to be more attractive than any male on staff, and his rate was higher than any. When the customers requested the best, he was always chosen to go.

A car pulled up to the curb. The window opened a crack and the young man walked over to it, opening it and climbing in easily. "Good evening," he said, looking up through the crack in the window.

The man in the driver's seat started driving the car again, glancing over at the blonde in his front seat. "You're of age?" was his first question.

"Of course. I turned 18 a year and a half ago," the young man answered.

"19 and a half. A little young to be doing what you're doing,"

"So are you,"

"... not yet," he flicked his cigarette out the window, rolling it up on his side.

"When and where do you want to start?" the young man asked. "We can start here..."

"What? Road head? How much is all this going to cost me, first," the driver paused.

"Three hundred dollars an hour is my going rate."

"What? Three hundred? Are you serious?" the driver exclaimed.

"You won't regret it," the blonde answered.

The driver was silent a moment. "Fine. I can afford an hour or two."

The blonde turned, leaning towards him. Long, delicate fingers undid the button of his pants, unzipping them. "Let's see what we have in here."

The driver glanced over at him, nervously, and then down at him, as he felt his soft member being removed from his boxers. "This is... different," he said, his breath hiking a bit from the sensation of the young man taking him into his mouth. "That's good. You're good at that." he glanced up, stopping at a stoplight. He could feel himself getting hard and it was starting to get a little difficult to focus on the road. The guy was very skilled with his tongue, he gave him that. He looked down again. He heard a honk from behind him and he looked up. Green light. He drove on, eager to get back to his hotel room. He didn't want to finish before they got there.

The blonde ran his tongue over the tip of it, swirling it around the head, slowly and teasingly. He could tell he was driving the man crazy. He lifted his head. "What's your name?" he asked. "If you don't mind my asking. It can be fake."

The brunette groaned at the blonde's stopped administrations. "B-Brian," Brian cleared his throat. "And you?"

The blonde took the head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it again. Lifting his head, he answered, "Nathaniel."

"Oh... okay. Good. Nice to meet you," Brian gripped the steering wheel as Nathaniel went down on him again, burying Brian's member deep in his mouth. "Ahh... so good..." Brian breathed. He moved into another lane, stopping at another light.

This went on for a while, Brian getting more frantic the closer they got to the hotel, and when he finally pulled into the parking spot, he couldn't hold back anymore. "I- I'm coming," he warned Nathaniel, and the only response he got was the young man massaging the underside of his dick with his tongue. He came inside Nathaniel's mouth, gripping the steering wheel even tighter.

Nathaniel swallowed the load delicately. "Well, to your room?" he questioned. "Brian?"

"Ughh, yeah, just... just a moment," Brian said, quietly a moment. After a moment to collect himself, they headed back into the hotel room, Nathaniel following along behind him. They entered the room and Nathaniel walked in, taking a seat on the bed.

"Mmm, nice hotel room. No one ever takes me to rooms this nice," Nathaniel leaned back on it. "So, what do you want to do to me? Sir? Brian?"

"Just Brian," Brian kicked his shoes off and loosened his tie. "And you'll see soon enough what I want to do to you."

Nathaniel kicked his shoes off as well, unbuttoning his jacket, revealing nothing underneath.

"Ah, came prepared," Brian looked over at him. "You're so young." His eyes travelled up and down Nathaniel's body. "It's unsettling."

"I'm old enough. You're not much older than me," Nathaniel answered. "You keep saying I'm young. What about you?"

"Twenty-five... That should be old enough," Brian paused. His eyes looked over the bruises. "You been hurt?"

"Enough talking," Nathaniel rebuttoned his jacket. He got to his feet, walking over to Brian, taking his arm and leading him over to the bed. He sat him down, getting to his knees.

Brian reached down, pushing the hair off of Nathaniel's head, looking into his face. "So young."

"Shut up," Nathaniel unzipped his pants and removed Brian's soft member, wrapping his hand around it and stroking it with his hand. "You're not that much older than me."

Brian chuckled, closing his eyes. "Not judging by your technique."

"Thank you," Nathaniel lowered his head, taking a good portion of it into his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down, teasing the cock gently into growing hard.

"Y-you can't enjoy this," Brian closed his eyes, trying to focus on the sensation.

"Do you want me to not enjoy this?" Nathaniel asked.

"No, I just... I dunno. The meaningless sex is getting old," Brian said. Nathaniel took the moment to readmit the cock into his mouth, lowering his head down on it. Brian was silent a few minutes, watching Nathaniel's careful and patient motion, feeling his pleasure build until he was at the edge. "Ahh... I'm getting close, stop..."

Nathaniel sat up. Brian looked into his eyes and watched, transfixed as Nathaniel turned around, presenting his backside to Brian. He pulled his coat up, allowing Brian a full view of Nathaniel's firm ass. "Is this what you wanted to do to me?" Nathaniel asked, in a teasing voice.

Brian caught his breath. "Something like that, yeah... Take your coat off." Nathaniel unbuttoned his coat, tossing it to the side. Brian could see every inch of skin, and his eyes memorized every curve and every bruise on that body. "Beautiful."

"Are you going to fuck me or stare all day?"

"I could do either," Brian answered.

Nathaniel rolled around, facing Brian, his legs splayed open. "You won't finish this until you hear my life story, will you?... Well, it's your cash."

Brian got down on the floor, moving toward Nathaniel. "Is there anything you don't do?"

"Nothing," Nathaniel replied. Brian leaned forward and kissed him, breaking off the kiss suddenly.

"I want to-" he gestured downward. "Can I?"

Nathaniel looked scared for just a moment but it passed. "Whatever you want," he answered.

Brian wrapped his hand around it, feeling its width. It was a good size, and length too. He'd never had the urge to reciprocate before, but today, he wanted more than anything to do something for him. Nathaniel.

Nathaniel tilted his head back, eyes closed. Despite his attempts, tiny sounds slipped through his lips, and he leaned back on his arms, stunned by how it felt to have someone administering to him. He could feel the pressure building up and he let out a more urgent sound. "St-stop," he ordered. Brian lifted his head. He looked into Nathaniel's eyes.

"Why not finish?" Brian questioned, continuing to move his hand up and down Nathaniel's shaft. "You can always come again."

Nathaniel held on bravely, until Brian, for the first time, lowered his head and ran his tongue up the shaft, massaging the head as he had felt Nathaniel do. And with a soft cry, Nathaniel came, dripping onto Brian's hand.

"Cheers," Brian joked, licking some of it off his hand. Nathaniel studied him carefully.

"I'm ready. You feel ready too," Nathaniel wrapped his hand around Brian's member. "Hurry up, put it in."

Brian moved closer to him. "Now? What about lube?"

"I don't normally use that," Nathaniel looked up at him.

Brian hunted around and located a small bottle of lotion. "This will have to do."

He felt Nathaniel's eyes on him as he applied to it himself. He positioned himself, and pushed in slowly. He could hear Nathaniel's soft moaning of pain distantly, and he stopped, letting him get situated.

Once Nathaniel was situated, Brian began moving slowly in and out of him, before Nathaniel stopped him. He brought his legs up onto Brian's shoulders, and Brian leaned forward as Nathaniel indicated. Brian put his hands down on the floor and began moving in and out of Nathaniel.

Nathaniel grew louder as Brian went on, his low sound was moving to low gasps and small cries under his breath. Brian felt guilty still about hiring a prostitute, he knew it was wrong, but something about Nathaniel was irresistible.

I can see why he's their most popular prostitute. I'm addicted to him. His skin, his breathy cries, those intense eyes...

He reached down and wrapped his fingers around Nathaniel's sensitive shaft, causing an even louder gasp to come from below. He stroked him expertly, keeping a quick and steady rhythm, and Nathaniel couldn't last any longer. Crying out, he came all over his chest. Brian increased his speed and pulled out, finishing all over Nathaniel's stomach as well.

Something about our cum mixing together... I like it. Brian ran his finger through it, mixing them together a bit. "They have you on special diets too?" he questioned, remembering the sweet taste from earlier.

"Aside from the regular disease screening... yeah," Nathaniel said, breathlessly. "You're the strangest customer I've ever had."

"Yeah well, I'm not a regular. This is my first time at this. One of my coworkers slipped me the card and told me I needed to relax a bit," Brian frowned. "Prostitute or not, you're a human being and you shouldn't be treated... like this," he ran his fingers over the bruises. "Why do you do this? So young, you could do anything. You still have a chance."

"Mmm-" Nathaniel closed one eye, uncomfortable at the touch on the bruises. "So do you."

"We're both doing shitty jobs we hate, that make us miserable and lonely. We could stop doing them together,"

"Like I'd trust a man I just met to help me get out," Nathaniel looked at him. "I like what I do."

"No, you don't. You can be honest,"

Nathaniel laughed, a hollow laugh. "Well... Since you're so sure,"

"My job is awful, but it pays pretty well. We could flee the country, go live somewhere else..."

"You're talking crazy," Nathaniel shook his head. "You have ten minutes left on the hour. What do you want to do?"

"Take you to Europe," Brian sat up.

"So is that it for the night?" Nathaniel questioned.

"I'd like an answer,"

"If- if you hire me, every night for a month, I'll consider it," Nathaniel pouted. "Now, is that it for the night or one more hour?"

"Every night for a month? You're going to break my bank account. I won't have any money left to take you," Brian paused.

"I don't care," Nathaniel got to his feet. "That's not my problem. Any man I give up my life for has to have at least that much."

Brian half-grinned. "Well, it's worth a try,"

Nathaniel felt strangely haunted by that grin. "I'm going to shower," he went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. What a weird guy... Honestly. That's $9000 in a month. There's no way he has or would spend that much on me. Nathaniel climbed into the tub, watching the semen drip into the tub before he turned it on. But I can't say I don't hope, a little bit, that he follows through on his promise.