"Damn it, Seth, this is no time to get depressed," Seth's roommate slammed his hands down on the counter, clearly angry.

"I'm not depressed," Seth said, distantly, poking at the eggs frying in the skillet. "I'm fine."

"Your girlfriend of six months just dumped you for her sugar daddy. I think you're depressed!"

"Damn it, Jake, shut the hell up. I know I'm depressed," Seth said annoyed. "She was the best sex I ever had. Yeah. I'm depressed. No, I didn't really love her either though. But I'm going to miss surprise blowjobs in the shower, and all the other things she did."

"Eugh, man, shut up," Jake made a face. "I don't really want to hear about what you do in our shower."

"You were prying, dickface," Seth answered.

"I didn't want to go that deep," Jake shook his head.

"Yeah... I'm kind of depressed," Seth paused. "It's just the idea that she used me for everything I had for the last six months... She not only used me for what I could give her, she sexually experimented on me..."

"You actually minded that?" Jake questioned, grinning.

"Well, no. But damn it, it's the idea of it," he said, annoyed.

"What... what kind of experiments?" Jake asked, casually. "You experiment often?"

"Nothing that weird. Some anal play... For her," Seth amended quickly. "Toys, weird techniques, stuff like that... We did a three-way once. That was about the weirdest."

"Two girls, huh? How was that?" Jake asked, moving the utensil holder around on the counter.

"Well, actually, it was... well. Don't judge me. It was actually another guy," Seth put the eggs on another plate.

"What?" Jake looked up, shocked. "Seriously? You banged another dude?"

"What? No! We worked Emily over... we didn't really interact much," Seth carried his plate over to the table.

"I thought you were totally against that kind of stuff. Like totally straight!" Jake said, defensively.

"Dude, don't judge me. I bet you've done some weird shit too," Seth pointed out.

"Well, yeah, but..." Jake paused. "I didn't hide it from you,"

"I didn't hide it from you either," Seth said, annoyed. "It just isn't something I normally casually discuss over bacon and eggs."

"No, that's the kind of thing you discuss over sausage," Jake took a seat at the table.

Seth half-choked on his bite of eggs. "Damn it, Jake,"

Jake just laughed.

"So what kinds of kinky shit have you done?" Seth questioned. "While we're discussing my sex life with my ex..."

"I was with a girl once that used anal beads and shit like that on me. Let me tell you, it's weird getting fucked when you're used to doing the fucking," Jake frowned.

"Ew, that's gross," Seth made a face.

"Don't judge, I was okay with your threeway," Jake pointed out.

"Yeah but... I don't know. Getting something in my ass is a line that I draw," Seth took another bite of eggs.

"It's actually pretty good. Once you get used to it, it's... good. I don't know how to explain it, I guess," Jake shrugged.

"Don't go full gay on me, man,"

Jake just laughed. "If I were going full gay, you'd know about it..."

Jake stood in the bathroom, washing his face with cold water. Well, he was full gay, and Seth didn't know about it. There was no way Jake could tell his roommate he was gay. What if Seth kicked him out? Or moved out? Not only was he gay but he had the biggest crush on Seth. He lay his burning cheeks on the cool porcelain of the sink, closing his eyes to think. What should he do? Seth was straight, with the exception of that threeway, and Jake knew he had no chance, really. The least I can do is support my best friend. I'm sure eventually I'll meet someone else. Someone who is really gay.

He exited the bathroom a moment later, heading into the kitchen. He found Seth with a shot in his hand, and one on the table.

"We both get drunk tonight, and we burn all her things, and get to spend the entire evening calling her a dirty whore slut bitch," Seth pointed at the shot. "Take the shot with me, man."

Jake moved to the counter, picking up the shot. They clinked them together and downed them. They started slow, with burning the pictures of her and Seth. "Burn, bitch, burn," Seth was a bit tipsy at this point, having already had three shots. "What else we have to throw in here?"

"You have the bedsheets, her white dress, one black shoe..." Jake dug through the bin.

"Fuck the white dress! She's no pure virgin! Throw that shit in!" Seth demanded.

Jake threw the white dress in, and they watched it burn.

"Fuck the bedsheets too," Jake muttered, throwing those in.

By five shots, they had burned everything and were drunkenly cussing Emily's name. "Fuck her..." Seth muttered. "Bitch can burn in hell with her... cash... cow. Cash man. Whatever."

"She's a bad example to women EVERYWHERE," Jake agreed. "She's a whore..." he tripped over his own tongue. "You know if it was me, man, I wouldn't do that shit to you..."

"I know. I know, man. Most people wouldn't," Seth muttered. "Thanks, man. I wouldn't do it to... to you either."

Jake moved over to Seth, kneeling in front of the couch. "I mean it! I wouldn't do that!"

"She's just a bitch..." Seth turned to look at Jake. "What are you doing?"

Jake hesitated, before looking up seriously. "I like you a lot..." he slurred, shaking his head. He leaned forward and kissed Seth suddenly, unable to control himself.

Seth broke off the kiss a moment later. "Whatttt? Jake, what are you doing." he paused. "That's not..."

"Forget her. I can do a better job of anything she can do," Jake insisted, drunkenly pledging on. He unbuttoned Seth's pants, reaching in and pulling out Seth's currently soft dick.

"Are you going full gay?" Seth questioned, drunkenly.

"Is there something wrong with that?" Jake ran his fist up and down it, before leaning forward and applying tongue to the shaft.

"Ahh... I... It's okay," Seth gave up after a moment of Jake's administrations on his rapidly hardening member.

Jake took it in his mouth, swirling his tongue over the head of it, and then bobbing his head up and down on it. Tonight was everything he had ever dreamed of. Tomorrow was going to be awful, but drunken Jake didn't care. He lifted his head and ran his tongue over and around the head again, removing his mouth. He elicited a low moan from Seth, which urged him to go on. He ran his tongue up the vein at the base of the shaft, massaging it with his tongue. Seth was a nice length, and his girth wasn't much to laugh at either. If I could get him to put that in me... Jake was giddy, delighted by the opportunity he was getting. "What do you want?" Jake asked, in a low voice.

"What... what do I want?" Seth asked, in a drunken voice.

"Do you want to put it in? You can," Jake offered.

Seth sat up, staggering to his feet. "If we're going full gay, might as well go all the hell way," he muttered, stumbling a bit. He grabbed Jake's arm and tugged him back to the bedroom. He flung him on the bed. Jake was red-faced, a combination of the alcohol and the stimulation. Seth was taking some sort of charge in this sexual situation... Seth stripped Jake of his shirt and the pants followed quickly. Jake gasped in surprise.

"Well, what were you expecting?" Seth asked, removing his boxers next.

Jake wasn't normally modest, but being naked and open, there in front of Seth for him to appraise head to toe was entirely embarrassing. Seth eyed him and then the necktie on the table next to the bed. "Turn around, Jake," Seth ordered.

Jake flushed, turning his back to Seth, not moving. Seth grabbed the necktie and bound Jake's hands quickly. "Wh-what're... what's this?" Jake turned his head to look. Seth pushed him down onto the bed, his fingers intertwined with his hair.

"A little bit of bondage, don't worry. If you really want out... you can get out," Seth lowered his head and ran his tongue up Jake's spine. "How do I even put it in?" Seth questioned, drunkenly.

"I have vaseline, in the nightstand," Jake was shaking with desire as he said it. Seth pulled it out and coated himself.

"Alright so I just slide it in, I guess," Seth positioned himself and gently pushed into Jake, going slow. "Does it hurt?"

"A- a little, yes," Jake closed his eyes tightly. "It hurts... Not so bad that I want to stop. Keep going,"

Seth hesitated but rubbed Jake's cock, stroking it similarly to how he would. Jake let out a low moan of surprise. "Better! Better..." Jake gasped. Seth began moving in and out of him slowly, continuing to touch him.

Jake was riding the rails of desire as Seth continued thrusting inside of him, while still rubbing him. Seth went on for a while, until finally, drunken Jake was ready to finish. With a small sound of pleasure, he finished, coating the sheets. Seth noted this and he sped up to finish a moment later, pulling out and squirting it all over Jake's lower back.

"Oh man, I feel like I'm going to be sick," Seth muttered. "I think I'm going to puke..." Seth stumbled over to a trashcan, where he vomited his guts up in it.

Jake was in a blissful state of desire. He didn't even notice Seth when he finally passed out.

The next morning, things were awkward. Seth didn't say a word to Jake. He didn't even look at him. Jake was embarrassed by what he had done, and he worried he'd ruined their friendship. This wasn't exactly what I wanted... He rinsed his plate off in the sink, setting it in the bottom. He wanted to talk to Seth but didn't know what to say.

"... I'm sorry, Seth," Jake suddenly spoke up.

"... My head feels like a log that's been axed," Seth answered.

"Oh, uh, mine too," Jake glanced over at him.

"You've got a stronger tolerance than me. I feel like I'm dying," Seth rested his head on the table. "I can't even eat because I would probably just throw it up everywhere. Sorry about throwing up all over your room last night."

"It's no big deal, I'll clean it up really shortly. I wish I could have got it last night but I wasn't up for that," Jake shook his head.

"... Jake. We fucked." Seth said it awkwardly. "Didn't we?"

"... Yeah. We did." Jake hesitated.

"We went full gay," Seth sighed into the table.

"I'm actually gay. Like full gay," Jake paused.

"Really?" Seth muttered. "Why didn't you tell me? Ow, ow ow... My head hurts way too damn much for this... surprises stuff. Well, what does this mean?"

"It means I'm gay," Jake frowned. "But you're straight, that was just a moment of drunkenness... I understand it's not anything serious." Jake was inwardly miserable, but as long as it didn't ruin their friendship.

"Well, I don't know... It wasn't the worst sex I ever had," Seth continued not moving. "It was... interesting."

"Well, gee, thanks for just being 'interesting'. I was drunk off my ass. If I were sober, you'd probably be full gay yourself by now!" Jake said, defensively.

Seth tittered, before groaning in pain. "I think you're just a bad lay,"

"I... agh! You're wrong! You're so wrong!" Jake said, angrily. "We-we'll do it again! I'll prove it!"

"I'm still hungover as hell," Seth muttered. "And also, I'm straight."

"You were more than willing to put it in me. You went above and beyond the bounds of straight last night," Jake said, annoyed. "You tied me up AND fucked me."

"Jake, my head is splitting in half. Let's discuss this later when I'm not in the middle of the worst hangover I've ever had," Seth sighed.

Jake stormed out, leaving seth to deal with his headache.