Just something I wrote a long time ago I felt like sharing.

He Won't Let Go

God won't let us go.

He is with us through the calm and the storm.

He is there through every high and every low.

He is with us through the thick and thin.

He stand's by us in everything.

He helps us.

He fights for us.

He hold's us tight.

We are in the palm of his hand.

With God by us what do we have to fear?


Should we still be wary of Satan?


Lucifer is the master of lies.

He will try to deceive us.

The world will try to shake us.

Divide us from God.

If we just believe and continue to hold on though.

Then nothing can stop us.

If God won't let go of us then let us not let go of God.

I believe in my heart that through every fail and every disappointment I have brought in God's eyes that He has continued to hold on to me.

He truly has been my Father and best friend.

He has not let go of me.

He won't let go of you either.

Even those who do not believe I still think God watches over you.

He is just waiting for you to call upon His name.

Until then He will not let go.

God is determined to have us.

He want's to be a part of us.

He want's to share the Kingdom with us.

That's why He died for us.

He won't let go.