Chuck, the costumed Captain Sentinel, arrives on scene, carrying a bag.

Chuck: I caught them a few blocks down. Just a couple of desperate junkie teenagers, the police weren't too far behind me, so I passed them along after I roughed them up a bit.

Adam: Well, I'm grateful you were able to get our money back... but did you really beat up teenagers when the police were right behind you?

Chuck: Clobbered the little punks but good. Got one in the face a few times with my Arachna-Staff, it always makes for a lot of blood. Dropped the other off the side of the building he was trying to break into. That'll show them crime doesn't pay.

Adam: Wow. You're definitely the most motivated superhero this city ever had. (Aside) This man is a public menace, the police should be hauling him in along with those junkies. He's the worst superhero ever!

Chuck: It's all in a day's work, citizen! It's nearly nighttime in my city, and Captain Sentinel must be there to keep watch! Captain Sentinel, away!

(Chuck runs out of the room.)

Adam: Without a doubt, the worst hero ever. Makes me miss the old days.

(Chuck runs to the other room, where Officer Bill is talking to one of the burglars Chuck apprehended.)

Burglar: ...and then he pulled my arm out of its socket! That guy's a menace!

Bill: Yeah, I hear that a lot. What did he do to your leg?

Burglar: Well, after he yanked me out of the window, there was nowhere to go but down. The doctor says it's broken in three places.

Chuck: So now you see the true profits you reap from a life of crime, criminal scum?

Burglar: Oh God, he's back!

Bill: Ah, Captain Sentinel? I'm in the middle of questioning this man, so if you could just...

Chuck: No need to thank me for stopping him in the act! Just doing my civic duty!

Bill: Yes, well, thanks to your civic duty, he's going to be recuperating for at least three months. You're very lucky you didn't kill him when you dropped him off the building like that.

Chuck: Bah, what's one less nameless burglar here or there?

Burglar: I have a name. My name's John Gren.

Chuck: Well John, I hope you've learned your lesson about crime! It doesn't pay! Captain Sentinel, away!

Bill: Actually Captain Sentinel, I was hoping you might stick around. Some of the boys from the station and I would like to have a nice, long talk with you.

Chuck: No need for thanks or adulation officer! I am only one man, and there are still too many criminals left unbeaten! Captain Sentinel, AWAY!

(He runs out of the room again.)

John: That guy is a public menace!

Bill: Yes, yes he is. John: I'm gonna sue the bastard.

Bill: If you can find out who he is, go nuts. I'd really love to get that maniac in a cell. I'm going to radio in for backup, we're bringing that lunatic in. It's long time we stopped making excuses for him for old time's sake.

(Chuck runs between the two rooms, where he is confronted by a doctor)

Doctor: Well I hope you're proud of yourself Captain Sentinel. I have a teenager with a broken nose and a concussion, and another with a separated shoulder and a shattered tibia. Way to go, hero. Way to go.

(The doctor claps sarcastically)

Chuck: No need to thank me doctor, I was just doing what anybody with superhuman abilities and an awesome costume would do.

Doctor: You really don't get it, do you? We aren't happy you're here to help us, we've never been grateful for your assistance. The general public want your head on a platter, the police want you in jail, the medical community want you committed. I want you out of my hospital, out of my city, preferably out of my country. I would absolutely love to never hear about you again you maniac.

Chuck: But... I help people. I stop crimes. I'm a hero.


I'm a hero!

Doctor: You're a madman! You brutally beat people for petty crimes! You dropped a man off the side of a building!

Chuck: He was breaking and entering!

Doctor: He was trying to get away from the psycho who just beat the hell out of his friend!

Chuck: He was a criminal evading the lawful authority!

(Officer Bill steps up next to the doctor)

Bill: You're not the lawful authority! You're a public menace! Captain Sentinel, I'm placing you under arrest for…

Chuck (shouting): Hero! Captain Sentinel, away!

(Chuck runs away as Bill pulls out his radio)

Bill: This is Finchley, Captain Sentinel spotted leaving the hospital…

(Alone on a rooftop, Chuck paces back and forth.)

Chuck: The hell do they know? I've done a lot of good, helped clean up this town. I'm a hero, I protect the innocent from the criminal dregs of society!


I'm a psycho, I beat the hell out of petty thieves that I could easily stop without being so violent.


But I do what I have to do, to keep crime down! Criminals fear the night and the dark streets when they know I could be anywhere!


Chuck: Everybody fears the night, knowing a lunatic like Captain Sentinel is on the loose. How many innocent people have I beaten before realizing they weren't doing anything wrong? How many hospitalized for petty crime? Maybe I should turn myself in to the police, get the most dangerous person in this city off the streets. Or maybe just give up Captain Sentinel.


Chuck: No! Never! Captain Sentinel never surrenders, never gives up! Giving up is for those without the moral fortitude to keep doing what has to be done! Giving up is for Chuck Fairlight!


Chuck: Captain Sentinel is Chuck Fairlight. Chuck Fairlight is Captain Sentinel. If Chuck can give up, then so can Captain Sentinel. But if Captain Sentinel can never give up, can never be an ordinary man, then what can Chuck do? What would Spider-Man do? What would Batman do? What would you do, Captain Sentinel?

(He sits down, arms wrapped around his legs, and pulls off his mask. He starts talking to the mask.)

Chuck: I've tried, Captain. I've tried to keep carrying on your legacy, to keep your city safe, ever since you died. I saw how much good you did, you kept the streets safe. The people of this city needed Captain Sentinel. It couldn't be you anymore… maybe it shouldn't be me anymore. Those people down there deserve a better hero than me, one like you who will keep them safe. They still deserve that much. If there was someone, another Captain Sentinel to keep watch over the city, maybe then Chuck Fairlight could just be Chuck Fairlight. Maybe then. But not yet.

(He puts the mask back on)

It's nighttime in my city, and Captain Sentinel must be there to keep watch in the night.