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The Rest Of Us Shot Ourselves

Grace Ding

All rights reserved

Part 1

There, in the bathroom of his family's private jet, lay a beautiful blood pattern. The blood belonged to Christina Malik, only 16 years old, known to Hollywood and her fans as Kristie Perry. There was a clear bullet hole at the left side of her head. Her brown curls fell out of place.

"Wait," Evan murmured to himself, "what's this?"

"Talking to yourself again, honey?" A sweet voice sang into Evan's ear. Oh crap, please no. Not that stupid girl again, pleaded Evan.

Christina's best friend, Catherine Roberts, was madly in love with Evan, and she made sure everyone in the world knew it. She knew that Evan thought she was annoying and gross, but that didn't stop her from pestering him. In fact, nothing stopped her.

Then, Catherine saw. Her perfectly manicured hand flew to her mouth in less than a second. Then she fell. Evan reluctantly reached out his hands to catch her before she landed on the armrest. Evan certainly didn't want to pay for a cracked skull. Even though he was a nice person, he was certainly not known to be very considerate to people he didn't like. But at least he admitted it.

"Hey, Richard? Could you… come over here? Um, it's kinda urgent." Evan finally decided on calling over his stepdad Richard Bolson, also Christina's business manager, not knowing what else to do. Evan was smart, extraordinarily intelligent, he was a young man of business, but even his typical day did not consist of a pop star sister dying.

Richard's expensive leather shoes made a click-clack noise on the soft carpet. It had a red and blue pattern, one that Christina herself had chosen. Soon, his black cashmere coat came flapping into view. The bathroom door was half closed so he couldn't see what horror lay inside. Instead, the picture he saw was one he didn't expect.

Richard furrowed his brow and began uncertainly, "I thought you hated that girl, Evan. Did you change your mind? She is quite hot, you know? Maybe not as smart as you would want her but if you wanna be with her, you have my approval. You don't need to call me over."

"No," Evan said, letting go of Catherine's waist. With a clank, Catherine crashed onto the armrest. Before she could recover, Evan said to Richard, "No, Catherine fainted. Open the bathroom door."

Richard pulled on the handle and took a peek. "Well, what've we got here?" he said after a few seconds, surprising Evan. Richard was calm, and there was something like amusement in his voice. Evan was shocked. Although Richard wasn't exactly a very loving father to his stepdaughter, Evan certainly didn't think Richard would react so indifferently. Even Evan, who never really cared that much for his sister, was still kind of paralyzed by what he had just witnessed. He was sad but he was just hiding it, like always. Evan wasn't a person to show how he felt. Overprotective of oneself, some people called him. Intelligent, he called himself.

Then Richard sighed. "What are you doing Evan? Help Catherine up. Then come with me to tell the others. Your mother won't be very happy." Richard acted like this was all just a daily routine and there was nothing wrong with what they were seeing.

So Evan did what he was told, lending his hand to Catherine, whose face was still white from the shock. Catherine was very very close to Christina. Even though Catherine wasn't as famous an actress as Christina a singer, Christina remained a loyal friend right till the end, which apparently, Evan thought, was now.

Richard walked ahead of Evan and Catherine.

"Oh. My. God. Is Christina dead?" Catherine murmured. "Oh. Oh I'm going to die if I don't find the murderer." Catherine burst into tears and buried her face inside her hands.

"Everyone gather around." Richard clapped his hands twice. He was a charismatic guy and he could get everyone to come to him like magnets. Evan found that amazing, and for that reason, he had always admired and tried to learn from his stepdad.

Evan looked at all the familiar faces in front of him, imagining how each one would react to the news.

Christina's current boyfriend, Zane Sperry, tall, blonde and handsome, body that made any girl want him and any boy jealous. Zane was probably the most famous actor of all time. Christina couldn't believe it when Zane had asked her out, she was giddy for at least three days before the date. He was a pretty decent guy, even Christina's strict Asian mother had approved him. The only family member of the Malik family that Zane instantly made an enemy of was Evan. Evan had stretched out his hand to greet Zane and Zane had shot him a look and walked on. Clearly, Zane couldn't handle the fact that there was someone who was as good-looking as him. So, Evan had followed the tradition and from then on, every time Zane and Evan were in the same room, everyone felt the cold chill. Richard was the only one who could break it. Evan's mother had once told Evan to "knock it off with Zane", but Evan had replied simply, "he won't, I won't."

Moving on to the next. Azina Gomez, Christina and Evan's first cousin. She was the daughter of Tracy Hudson Gomez, the older sister of Deborah Hudson Bolson, Christina's mother. In easy words, Azina was considered a weirdo. She didn't really have any friends and no one really knew her. Her dream was to be a gangsta. Her wardrobe consisted only of black leather jackets, black jeans, and black combat boots. Her hands were always covered with black leather gloves that only showed her fingernails, which of course, were forever painted midnight black. A pair of black Ray-Bans was always perched on her nose, even indoors. With her black hair falling to her shoulders, she was always completely covered in black. She walked like a cowboy, rarely ever talked to anyone. But when she did, she talked with all the swagger she could muster, which is always way too much. Azina's family was from Texas, and they were very rich. Back in Texas, her family owns a huge mansion and she could buy all the leather she wanted in the world. Her dad, Mr. Gomez, was a very rich Mexican man. When Tracy had just married the guy, her family had jokingly called her a gold-digger, implying that Tracy had only married Mr. Gomez because of his money. But when they got to know Mr. Gomez, they realized that Tracy and him made a great couple, although people still sometimes wondered, What happened with Azina? She isn't like either of her great parents.

Next to Azina was Christina's mother. Deborah had the average Asian tiger mom look. It is a miracle how Deborah, such a strict mom and a goody-girl back in her school days, could have raised a famous daughter who never ever went to sleep before 12 o'clock. It was said that after Deborah found out Christina regularly went in to her room at 9 o'clock (her curfew), then jumped out the window and got picked up by a black Escalade around the corner, she gave up on the study-everyday education. That type of education had worked very well on Evan, who went to college at the University of Chicago and was currently in their Graduate School of Business, but as for Christina, not so much. Almost immediately after Deborah allowed Christina to do anything she wanted, Christina became a star. Deborah's first husband, father of both Christina and Evan had been killed in a car accident, and no one ever talked about him. After a few months, Deborah remarried, and Richard Bolson became Christina's official business manager.

On Deborah's right stood Fred, an African American. He was paid by Richard, a lot, for being Christina's all time bodyguard. But since Christina hated having a shadow following her everywhere, he was never really looking after Christina at all times. Richard obviously didn't know that, though. Fred had the usual look of a tough guy, broad shoulders, very tall, wide chest, muscles everywhere. He was mostly quiet and no one really knew much about him except that Christina had never gotten into danger with him. So, Richard never wanted to fire him.

The whole plane contained nine people. Christina, Richard, Evan, Catherine, Azina, Zane, Deborah, Fred, and George, the pilot. And one was dead.

"Christina has been shot dead in the bathroom. I don't want any of you to go look at her, especially you, Deborah. Evan and I will deal with the body later." Richard decided to keep it simple and leaved no one the chance to ask questions or react. "Someone go inform the pilot."

"I will," Catherine volunteered.

Catherine walked fast towards the pilot room. Then, the plane started dipping downwards. Everyone still gathered together looked confused. And then they were all falling. Falling. Falling and spinning out of control. "Uh oh," murmured Azina, without her usual swagger this time.