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Part 5

The rumble of the engine penetrated Jordan's eardrums and his mind automatically shut off. He closed his eyes and allowed his head to droop down towards the armrest of his seat. Jordan was getting tired with all this clueless helicopter riding and was about to sigh when he caught himself and quickly shook his head. He rubbed his eyes, sat up straight and pretended to have always been perfectly enthusiastic about the mission ahead.

He flattened out the numerous creases on his suit and tie, clearly ashamed of himself. After all, it was he who proposed to fly out the route taken by Kristie Perry's private jet. He had hoped that just by luck, they would find the place where the jet might've possibly crashed. Obviously, this had proven not to be an exceptionally great tactic. Jordan looked over at Mr. Flavus, who was snoring loudly, occasionally banging his skull on the glass window. Mr. Flavus was true to his word when he said that he wasn't in his best state. Jordan doubted Mr. Flavus would be a lot of help on this mystery. Nevertheless, Jordan would try his best. If he solved this, it wouldn't just be extra credit at university.

To the left of Jordan sat the pilot, staring straight ahead into the blue horizon, communicating nothing with his facial expression or body language whatsoever. Upon Jordan's instructions, he was flying as near to the ground as possible, making it easier to spot anything unusual.

"About where are we now, Mr. Thomas?" Jordan flexed his fingers and rested them on his lap, looking expectantly towards his companion.

"Give or take 20 miles from Denver." Mr. Thomas answered after a moment, still refusing to peel his eyes off the front glass of the helicopter.

"And we are still on the route to New York?" Jordan said, without anything better to say and not willing to succumb to the terrible silence again.

Mr. Thomas merely nodded and once again, to Jordan's dismay, the only sound was the rhythmic and raspy breaths of Mr. Flavus's snoring. Jordan sighed. It was blatant that Mr. Thomas had no interest in making conversation of any sort.

After a while, Jordan discovered how boring it was to stare at the ground outside the window, searching for anything unusual. He also realized how hard it was to find Kristie Perry's jet like this. It was like trying to look for a needle in a vast prairie. The only thing that he could count on was his luck, and Jordan was never that much of a lucky person.

He suddenly started feeling dreary. Soon, sleep overcame him and the world went black.

About an hour later, Jordan awoke to the sound of Mr. Flavus and Mr. Thomas chattering away. He opened his eyes and Mr. Flavus noticed at once.

"Jordan. Dear. Did you have a nice nap? We are at JFK airport which is most likely the place where the pop star took off."

Jordan visibly relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. "Are we on the ground?" Upon a nod from Mr. Thomas's direction, he continued. "Would I be allowed to get off and just walk around a bit? I really missed the feel of solid ground."

"Of course," granted Mr. Flavus. He waved at Mr. Thomas to open the helicopter door and the ramp. He wheeled himself out through the ramp and beckoned for Jordan to follow.

When they got out, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Flavus both started to stare up ahead at the sky. Jordan, starting to be unable to bear the silence, said, "Well, why don't we get on the helicopter and Mr. Thomas, you can fly us through the route you think the pop star took to San Francisco from here. We have to find them this time."

Thomas looked at Mr. Flavus, who just began to snore, and nodded, pushing Mr. Flavus's wheelchair back into the helicopter.