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Part 8

Suddenly, Catherine was approaching Azina and Evan before they knew it. Evan watched as Catherine dropped to her knees beside Azina. She's saving me for last, he thought. It didn't occur to him to jump onto Catherine and save Azina until he saw her staring at him with those beautiful brown eyes, almost like she was saying goodbye. In that moment, he realized that he loved her. He had gotten to know her and see who she was during this and now he had no doubt about the feelings he had. It wasn't one of those spur-of-a-moment schoolyard crushes. And he realized that this was the last chance he could do something. The others were all dead already. It was his last chance to save a life. He knew that if he jumped and wrestled the gun out of Catherine, there might even be a chance that he would gaze into Azina's tender brown eyes again. So he risked it.

He stood up, not bothering to be quiet, and quick as a panther, he leapt. In that instance, all he could see in his head was Zane, flipping through his Business textbook; George, smiling while he told him the name of his daughter; Richard, beaming as Christina won that award for Best Young Female Role Model; His mother, waking up early to make French toast for Christina and him; Fred, making Christina laugh when she was bored and had no one to talk to. All these lives had ended, all these people will never smile while watching a movie again. But Evan could prevent another person from joining the sad endings of these five innocent people. He thought this as his eyes locked with Catherine's and he knew he could not be surer of what he was doing. If he wasn't determined right now, he didn't think anyone could be.

Azina watched openmouthed as Evan fell on top of Catherine, who was in the process of laying down parallel to Azina. She watched as Catherine got crushed under his weight and watched with relief as the small handheld gun rolled out of Catherine's fingers. Azina kicked it a little so when Catherine strained to get hold of it again, all she could grasp was air. Azina then picked it up and stood to the right of Evan, who had released his grip of Catherine and now stood awkwardly, at a loss.

Catherine regained her balance and now stood without a gun, inching sideways and backwards toward her purse. Azina pointed the gun she retrieved at Catherine's head. She got into a good position but when her index finger was about to squeeze the trigger, she felt a firm hand wrap around her other hand. Her skin tingled. She lowered the gun and turned. Evan was shaking his head.

"No, Azina. Don't shoot. I don't want you to live with the guilt of killing someone for the rest of your life." Evan loosened his grip on Azina and whispered gently.

She looked at him and realized that for all the time they had never spoke, she had always been admiring him from a distance. He had that boyish grin you couldn't ignore and now it occurred to her finally that what she felt when she was around him for all these years wasn't just 'he's hot', like all the other girls. She loved him. She had for quite some time already.

Evan forced himself to look back at Catherine, who by now had used the time when he and Azina weren't looking at her to inch back to her purse and pull out another gun. Damn, he thought. I can't be distracted by Azina. I have to focus if I want to get her out of here alive.

For a few seconds, Catherine and Azina just stood across from each other, pointing the gun but neither one daring to pull the trigger. Then, Evan started leading Catherine away from her purse by pushing Azina sideways towards the purse. They were now moving along in a perfect circle, in utter silence. In a few moments, Evan reached the purse and pulled out the only remaining gun. He also noticed a fluffy pink notebook so out of curiosity, he pulled that out as well. As Catherine and Azina continued circling each other with a distance of about 10 meters between them, Evan flipped through the pink pages and realized the book was Catherine's diary. He scanned through the first pages and saw his name. He slowed down to read the lines:

"I want Evan, but I can't have him. I want to suicide. No, I won't just suicide. If I die, Evan dies with me. I also want attention. For that, I will need to kill some others. Maybe on the flight to San Francisco, I could kill Christina and get the plane to crash. Then, I would die, Evan would die and the world would remember me. What a perfect plan."

Evan was stunned. Slowly, he put together the pieces. Catherine had wanted to distract George and have the plane completely crash. But George had done well so only two died from the crash. So Catherine decided to murder the ones who survived, kill herself and make it look like six separate suicides. When he finally understood, he looked back at the first sentence and anger raged through his body. He was the motive. He was the reason all these people had died. It was him. And now it was up to him to save the last person.

He looked at Azina and knew that he would save her, or die trying to. But, before that, there was something else he had to do. He walked slowly over to her, threw the gun on the ground, closed their distance, and cupped his hands against her cheeks. He looked into her eyes and was instantly hypnotized. Evan knew he was most likely going to die that day, and he didn't think he would ever forgive himself if he didn't let Azina understand his feelings for her before he did. So under the moonlight, he pressed his lips against hers.

Azina was surprised to say the least. And in her surprise, she never kissed him back. She never thought Evan would have any feelings at all for her and now when the moment came, she just froze under his warm breath. She felt the tough girl with combat boots who thinks of death in her free time evaporate. She became the girl in love with a handsome boy who saved her life. The feeling of his lips on hers was wonderful and she couldn't breath.

Evan didn't expect Azina to return his feelings so when she didn't kiss him back, he wasn't surprised. He was simply happy that he could spend his last minutes like this. He kissed her again, gently, and waited for Catherine to pull the trigger.