Author: Zorra Reed
Moonrise Inn Publications

I'm not the worst, nor the best student here.
I'm not the smartest or the dumbest either.
I'm not average, but I seem to be.
I'm not smart, but I'm clever.
If I tired to be more than I am
If I cared
If I wanted to be friends
Would I do better?
Would I have your favor?
Would I be happy?
I live in regret
I live in fear
I live in darkness
I'll shed no tears.
I'll only scream till it hurts your ears.
I'll carry within, all the sadness of the world
'Cuz it's all I know.
Did you like me?
Then why did you run?
Did you hate me?
Then why did you talk to me at all?
Did you enjoy teasing me?
Then why shun me in the halls?
Was I not good enough to be in your click?
Was I not pretty enough to be your girl?
Was I not strong enough to be taken seriously?
Was I not happy enough to be around?
Did I depress you and drag you down?
Did I upset you and tell you lies?
Did I upstage you with my writing skill?
Did I hurt you with my bold insensitive demeanor?
Poor you, you did it to me too.
I'm not average but I might as well be.
I'm not going anywhere so don't worry about me.
I'm not gonna weep cuz you laughed at me.
I'm not gonna run cuz you told me to.
I'm not basic,
Don't tell me that lie!
I'm not cold and callous,
Don't try and make me hurt inside!
'Cuz I'll tear your head off
I'll make YOU hurt instead.
I'll fill you with pudd'n
You'll wish you were dead!
I had a dream once
Didn't you?
I had a plan
You had one too.
I had a path
That shone brightly before me.
What did you have?
Painful words and untrue stories
Leave me in peace, to pick up the pieces
To contemplate my fate
To unravel the string that's wound about my heart.
I am me
Happy and strong
Living in regret, but hanging on.
I know who I am
Where I want to be
I can hold the hand of God
I am free.
So who needs you?
Not I.
I'll stand on my own.
I no longer need your words
to make my way home.
Depression be gone!
Torment me no more!
For I've found myself
Here I go, out the door.
So long!
It's time to move on.
Hope you find peace
Hope you can carry on
We both know that you're not as strong!