thrift store flowers and parking lot kisses

did you ever wonder where dandelions buried
the ruins of their heart-shaped lollipop fetish
once their sawdust petals die with the wind?

because even though your lilliput eyes have become
isolated by fire, resembling a pick-up truck with
tampered brakes going on to a highway to nowhere,
all i could see was a lost matryoshka doll
in a pretty pink taffeta dress with
baby blue ribbons in her hair

and even without your sparkling tutu
and satin ballerina slippers, you could
still execute a coquettish pirouette
inside your cherry wood casket

you were the kind of girl who was worth more
than thrift store flowers and parking lot kisses
from guys who wore j crew cashmere hoodies
and drank too much stowaway beer-
the afterburn of their cottonmouth breaths
reminding you of marijuana cigarettes

but you eventually fell in love with a boy
that had an icarus complex and whose
name started with a scarlet letter