This is how it started… I met him… and this is what he said… "I'm in Lesbians with you." Direct quote from my favorite movie. He was serious… and my heart has literally skipped a thousand beats… I think I should make a little introduction. Hello, my name is Alyss and this is my life story. I just want to say...what changed so now I'm different? I seem...happier...what has changed the trio of me and my two best friends Saffire and Raven to have made us so distant?

Good god when did we switch places!? I used to be the cynical one who always had doubts. Now it seems as though they are both me and I've become some sort of prepped up teenager. It's like all three of us are in different universes...even if we're only like a couple hours away from each other. So let's go a little into detail about my life and explain somewhat so you're not confused okay? I'm seventeen years old and am currently falling in love with a bad boy. Hah! Typical story right? Here's the kicker... He's got a girlfriend already. Now before you start calling me like a tramp and crap I have to tell you... I never meant to act on my feelings for him. It just...happened.

You know how it's like you have feelings for someone you know you have to stay away from? Well, it's like that. I fight my feelings everyday. Now? I'm beginning to succumb to them. My resolve is growing weak... I need help. So this is what I've explained and said. You think you can read on?

Kay so this is my introduction to my story,,,it's really and seriously true. The names have been changed though but I hope this isn't going to be you're typical average everyday story. (I HOPE NOT!)