Okay! Hello everybody! I'm sorry about not updating...I'm getting sick...Well...I've also been trying hard to get work done in school seeing as how we only have three weeks left! Other than that? Life's been just...well life.



I let out a sigh of happiness. A lot has happened I guess. First off I met Chase's family...his sister KiKi has automatically warmed up to me. I guess she hated Chase's last ex-girlfriend Jane. "She was such a bitch! God I did NOT like her!" I remember Chase shooting KiKi a look and saying, "Well what was 'OH MY GOD you guys look so cute together!' about?" KiKi just looked at him and quirked an eyebrow, "Bullshit. I was just saying that just because she was your girlfriend! Honestly? She was a bitch."

Chase nodded in agreement, "Yeah true." She smiled at me, "I don't know it just seemed like I could tell she didn't care about Chase...she acted like it. But we all knew she didn't." KiKi smiled at me, "I like you though. You're like my sister now! I feel as if I can, like, trust you!"

She grinned at me. I giggled. I knew she already trusted me considering the fact that she'd been worried about her nipples...she thought it was worrisome that they were all dry and the skin was peeling. Of course I told her it was normal. I'd had the same thing happen to me when I was younger. I rubbed lotion on them and within a week they started clearing up. I told her this and she seemed genuinely relieved. Trust me. There's just something about showing another girl your nipples that creates a bond between two of 'em.

I remember after I'd told her what to do to relieve the problem about ten minutes later she said, "Ohmygod! I just showed you my boobs!" and began laughing. I'd giggled as Chase shot her a 'Wow you're retarded' kind of look. We'd all burst out laughing after it became awkwardly silent for a couple of minutes. "God Alyss you fit right in with us!" KiKi smiled at me, "If it were Jane she'd be like 'You guys are fucking retarded!' and be a bitch about it." I smiled feeling comforted.

Oddly? They were all beginning to feel like my family too...they were certainly more loving than the rest of my family...well besides the ones who actually stuck by me after they found out Chase and I were an item. Of course I didn't have to tell you that Chase and I had already had sex...the first time was pretty intense...but I'll go into detail later...maybe. Let's just say there was duct tape involved. I'll also say I'd discovered a side of me I'd never knew existed. Recently for the past two weeks I've been coming to school at ten in the morning. It's just the fact that I usually stay at Chase's house until midnight or till one in the morning and then I come home.

Since I lived with my cousin he didn't really care just as long I came back and as long as I was responsible. So long as I got my school work done and actually went to school? He didn't really care what I did. He knew I was naturally a good kid. Considering the fact that I still ask him to even so much as get something to eat? Yeah he knew I wouldn't break the rules he'd set up. Besides...I'd have nowhere to go if I fucked up living with my cousin Bob. The good thing is? It doesn't really make a difference since I'm not going to a normal high school.

The school system is incredibly corrupted. I remember the superintendent's grandson getting away with some bullshit. He'd told his grandfather that Chase had threatened him with a knife. Just because he was the grandson of the superintendent. Chase got the boot outta' school. There's also the fact that prom is going on this weekend on Saturday. Also? Lauren's acting like my 'best friend' again. Of course the damage is already done because she'd told her mom some bullshit and had gotten her mom to hate me.

So now? Lauren's mom doesn't even want me spending the night...me or Chase. I'm talking to her but... I just can't trust her ever again...especially after what she pulled. Of course she's acting like nothing had happened. But I still acknowledged it. Oddly? I haven't been seeing her in school lately...or work. But I'm hardly ever at school anyways and even then the only time I go to the actual high school is when it's lunch time. Other than that I'm in the other building at the Brutal High Alternative School. In most schools the alternative school is known as the "cool kid's" school. Where pretty much the drug dealers, delinquents, teen moms, etc. all come to the Alt. School.

Sorry if I don't make any sense...I literally am about to die from exhaustion. Did I forget to mention there's a possibility that I might be pregnant as well? See there's this thing...Chase tends to study witchcraft. So he pretty much has all these little supernatural powers...we both do I guess. The odd thing is that...we're so close we literally can speak with each other through our minds. We're working on it but yes... 'tis a work in progress. I guess our relationship is a lot like Romana Flowers and Scott Pilgrim. The only difference is that Chase is more of a vocalist for Screamo than a guitar player. I'm more of a skater/'scene' chick. I really don't know why?

But everyone considers me as 'Scene' which I don't think I am able to pull off! I mean! Have you seen those Scene people!? Their hair is awesome and they know how to accessorize! My hair is also fading...I need to get my color treatment shampoo and more hair coloring. Or just use some kool-aid. Hey! I'm gonna go with that! It's more accessible and...quicker to get to. Also less expensive as well :). Well back to my original thingy...See Chase has these supernatural power and he gets this...thing where he has premonitions and he can feel when a girl is pregnant.

His hand gets incredibly hot and tingly when there's a possibility of a child within a girl. I was a skeptic at first...until I'd actually seen him light his hand on fire. I mean literally. He just sat there and concentrated and next thing you know? His fucking hand had an orb of fire in it! Me? I'm slightly on the psychic side. See every time...in the past as well? I have dreams of certain things...symbols or visions. At least five times I had a dream where there was a symbol of some sort or something that represented the future.

Twice I had dreams that predicted the death of someone in my family. Thrice I had dreams of a new life coming into the family. I've also come into weird near-death experiences. I remember when I was nine years old I'd gotten hit by a semi that had a trailer full of horses attached to it. I remember my vision turning red and the extreme pain as I felt the semi running over me. I felt as if I couldn't move. My father had been a cop back then. I remember flashing lights and a man yelling, "I swear to god I didn't see her! She just came outta' nowhere.!" I remember the look of fear on my father's face as he rushed over and picked me up bridal style.

He'd loaded me into the back of the police car as I was screaming, "Daddy it hurts!" over and over again. I remember crying and screaming and just as he was about to close the door I heard a woman, "Let me look at her! I'm a doctor!" I remember my vision going all tunnel-like. The pain was too much... I was going to pass out. The I saw the complete and utter shock on the woman's face. I remember her wearing a tan suit with a pearl necklace around her neck. She was blonde and her hands had been very cold.

"There's nothing wrong with her. There isn't a single scratch...not a bruise. Nothing." I remember the pure shock that had gone through the crowd. Then I saw the relief on my father's face..then darkness. That's the earliest memory I have of feeling as if I was going to die. Surely I should have...right? I'm getting off track. I'm supposed to be telling you all of the events that have occurred so far. I also believe that my cousin Bob is the most random person I've ever known.

The other day I was watching movies on Netflix when I happened to look into the kitchen, only to see Bob pouring rice into a sock. I have no idea why and I asked, "Bob?...What are you doing." I remember him giving me his usual stoner grin, shrugging, and saying, "I don't know." I remember just grinning at him and saying, "Never mind. I don't wanna' know." There was once when I'd ended up pregnant...but I'd had a miscarriage. I hadn't been all that sad about it...seeing as how the father had raped me.

I mean I felt sad about losing a child but...I was slightly relieved that I wasn't going to give the father the satisfaction that I was going to raise the child he'd forced upon me. I mean, I knew that had the pregnancy actually stayed with no problems? I wouldn't have been able to give him/her up for adoption or abort the baby. I just...couldn't.

There's so much left to tell and yet...I can't think of anything else! Well first off I found out that my Aunt Amelia...her husband has been cheating on her. I mean, it was a huge shocker to me! They've been together ten fucking years! Married for six of those years! He cheated on her!? What in the actual fuck!? Well, I can't say I should've seen that one coming because I didn't. I honestly keep thinking...what's new with me? I mean had I written about my life a couple years back? You all would've been like "Quit bitching bitch! At least you got most things others don't!" Well now? I'm pretty much updating you on what is my life.

I mean, if my imbecilic writings can entertain at least one person out there? Then by all means! I am an imbecile! Well I've also been somewhat talking to my dad. Well sometimes if I can't find an alternative ride home? I ask Daddy Dearest. The last time he gave me a ride he gave me a pack of cigarettes and fifteen dollars. He snidely commented whilst handing me the money, "Here you're gonna' need this. You probably don't have anything to eat over at Robert's house anyway."

Me? I knew he was baiting me just so I could say something to him..so that he could go bitch to the world how 'ungreatful' his daughter is. I think this is pretty much all that I can remember! Oh! By the way today's Friday and it's PAY DAY! Woo!