Prologue Ten Decades Later

'Alexa Terpsichore Eala, you have been found guilty of murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, treachery against the King of the America and rebellion against the safety of the people of Earth,' the judge speaks the words slow and confident. I look at the now twenty-seven year old Terpsichore, as she always calls herself. With her light blue dress it is hardly imaginable she is responsible for so much death and destruction to the United Nations of Earth. I can hardly believe my eyes: she is actually smiling. But then again; she had always been sure of her so called task.
'You have been found guilty and you will receive punishment. The punishment of death by execution,' as the judge said the words, several people nod and hum in approval. Terpsichore only looks at the judge with her green eyes. It makes him feel uncomfortable, I can see it.
'Do you have anything to say to that, miss Eala?' he says. Slowly the woman stands up. I think it is to make the moment even more dramatically, she likes that.
'All I can say, my dear judge,' she says with a sweet voice and a smile, 'is that I have only showed you a small part of the fire which will soon show the entire world, which means to all people – not just the free – who the governments truly are. And when the people will see this, they will all rise, honorable judge.'
'Silence,' I am not sure if the judge says it to Terpsichore or to the tumultuous crowd in court. When I glance over my shoulder, I immediately recognize several followers of Terpsichore, the Dancer. Can she be right? Is this only her beginning?
'There will be nothing that you can do, judge,' Terpsichore smiles, then she turns her head and looks directly at me, 'Nor our brave Maximus.'

With a sigh I enter the room and look at the woman I have been hunting for the past decade. She turned from young woman to grown woman, but she remained elegant and graceful. Even now as she turns her head and smiles at me as if nothing is wrong. All her movements are made as a dancer, even when she fights – though he will not be doing that again.
'Maximus. Maximus! Maximus!' she chants my name as I walk to the table.
'It's Max,' I correct her.
'There is so little pride in that, Maximus,' she says with a small smirk. Strange, but this and when she is fighting are the only ways I know her. I have seen only seen her desperate for a few times. But all the other times she is fully in control, or pretends she is.
'Is that why you call yourself Terpsichore, Alexa?' I still wonder.
'My father's name was Alexander, Maximus, I thought you knew,' she snaps. She takes a deep breath and smiles.
'What?' I ask. Alexa strikes her light brown hair behind her ears and tilts her head sideways a bit.
'You never heard my side of the story, did you?' again that innocent smile on her soft face.
'Your story?' I ask. I know it is true, but I'm not sure if I want to know. On the other hand, I did spend the last decade trying to take Alexa down. What could possibly happen now?
'Tell me,' I say.
'Do you know why my mother always called me Terpsichore?' she begins, 'It means 'dancer'. My mother wanted to be a dancer herself, for it is the finest art of seduction and destruction. But my father did not want that. He only wanted power, control. But you know that you.'
'Hm,' I only hum. Alexander Eala had been the most wanted criminal in the world, before he was executed several years ago. He wanted to free the oppressed people, that was goal when he began. But he came from a wealthy family and power became his weakness.
'You know I can still remember the first day my father of…..this all,' Alexa says as she waves her arms, 'The first day, I took a life. The first day, my father was proud of me.'
I lean back, knowing she will tell me everything now. The whole story. Her story.
Alexa, no Terpsichore, smiles and begins.
'It was Monday. The fifteenth of the third month, 2067,' a smile curves her mouth.