The feeling of death by curse. Compare it to an eternity lost submerged under a vast, empty sea. There's a quick prick of pain, and then you are released from all mortal agony. Sure, the anguish eventually subsides, but you soon realize nothing is peaceful in the free-falling descent deeper into the bottomless gulf that is limbo.

You are unable to interact with the simplest things, not even the cooling winds that blow around the air. You are assigned an area, usually your place of death or burial ground, to roam, going no farther from your body than the invisible boundaries will allow. There are exceptions, but certain requirements must be met.

You have no physical form. Besides the corpse below you, your body is nonexistent. You are nothing more than a loosely contained assortment of emotions and limited intelligence.

Through the invisible eyes of a phantom, you are forced to watch and sample the despairs of whoever passes your way. Unseen and unheard as if you did not exist. Very rarely do you find someone in the mortal plane able to sense specters, but even so, they'll be sure to avoid you, and you again are abandoned for another few decades.

After a millennium of being alone like this, you begin to decompose, slowly becoming a hollow shell of yourself. Memories deteriorate until you fade into near nothingness. Some start to believe themselves figments of the world's imagination.

Others choose to embrace the madness. They transform into monsters of empathy, sucking tiny pieces of essence from living victims, attempting to desperately grow whole again, or at the very least fill the void growing inside them.

With enough support from the raw emotions they absorb, they gain some physical abilities. The payoff is a double-edged sword, as the taste of souls is addicting enough to drive a loose-floating consciousness mad. Driven by desperation, madness, or both, soon they start to kill, tainting their own souls with spilled blood, changing into evil beings chained to sin. Gruesome stuff.

Eventually, the murders attract attention in the mortal realm; more attention means more victims, and more strength and weight in the physical world to gain. Yet, too much attention leads to attracting some sort of soul-devouring beast, and getting messily eviscerated out of existence.

I chose a different route entirely, and all because I met you, my sweets; you stereotypical bundle of sugar. From the moment I sensed that pretty face, eyes glimmering with perky life, cheeks flushing whenever you giggled out words, I was instantly intoxicated by your innocence.

Time seemed to distort as you stepped along the walking path I haunted. I had ample time to analyze you and to treat myself with a teasing amount of your essence. By the time you exited the strip of land I could freely roam through, I knew I was hooked on you. I needed more, craved another sampling of your purest thoughts and emotions, but my chances that you might travel to me again were minute.

This specific path in the park had its own seedy reputation long before I was slain here. It was a foolish decision to come this way all alone at night, and that truth was proven valid quickly as you backtracked your way into my range.

I swarmed over you as you hastily retreated from some terror you had encountered in the night. The fright emitting from you was potent; as enticingly bittersweet to my looming consciousness as your personality was deliciously pure.

The fiend proved itself to be swifter than you could escape. It pounced upon you, pinning you to the cement in a roar of dominance. You screamed, the shrill shattering through the usual silence, but no one but I was around to witness the claw that choked you quiet, or the tears spilling from frightened eyes.

Even the sorrow pouring from your panic tasted like a freshly baked pastry, but it was ruined by the rancid rage radiating from your attacker. It disrupted your flavor, becoming my enemy once it clawed a blazing scratch into your back. And then it spoke.

"Calm yourself, pretty. I won't hurt you much. I've grown tired of my tedious guard duty. I'm simply looking for a proper plaything to make my nights exciting. You're the first person to walk by my perch, so it has to be you!" He snickered over your hushed whimpers that escaped from the side of the hold clasped over your mouth. "Come with me, dear."

You were dragged away from me, forced to enter a warehouse that I was not permitted to follow inside. For hours you were held inside. I figured you had already met a grim demise from his heinous claw, but alas, you emerged appearing unharmed. Still, it was easy to tell you were shaken up, and the sweetness I tasted before had dampened after being soaked in his wretchedness. You scampered away into the darkness of night, and I thought you were lost to me forever.

You surprised me, arriving again the next night. I received my fill of your darkened emotions, savoring the tainted taste you presented. Then you entered the warehouse of your own free will, disappearing behind the walls for hours.

When you emerged this time, the difference in you was highly noticeable. The way you moved, limping pass the park trees. The simmering hatred bubbling in your light brown eyes shocked me. I'd sampled you enough to view you in full. Your mind had scratches on its surface. He was breaking into your mind slowly, and it enraged me. You were not as satisfying to consume from as before; your spirit had dulled. It was as if the beast had sprinkled dirt on my freshly unwrapped candy.

This continued for a while, you returning to my path periodically, departing to faithfully be destroyed by your tormentor and decreasing in enjoyment to feed from. Still, I did it, each time submitting to my craving. All I could take from you was the pain. Coincidentally, I do believe my small interference had been helping you endure your hell.

I found that in a full month's time, your mind had taken its final cracks. I had now become bound to you, the ties of my spirit connected to yours enough to finally follow you inside the warehouse.

As you prepared to enter the beast's lair, I floated unnoticed above your shoulder. The door creaked open, and the atmosphere immediately changed, as if any emotion remaining was sucked straight from the air. He sat at the far end of the room facing the furthest wall. He seemed oblivious to your presence until you took a step inside. His ears perked up, his head cocking to the side in acknowledgement. I could feel your insides tightening in fright, but it was too late to escape.

He rose from his seat swiftly in one fluid motion. Slowly he turned to face you. His appearance was a nightmare come true. A filth-covered shirt, a monster's claw for a right hand, the other covered in a day's worth of mess from his "work". Dreadful red residue still dripped from his unnaturally twisted fingertips.

The glasses hanging loosely on his nose did nothing to hide the frenetic, cruel thoughts pouring out his sunken-in eyes. He did not bother masking his excitement to see you standing in his doorway; the grin he gave uncovering fangs sharp enough to dig blood from flesh with the slightest of pressure applied by his jaw. Your knees grew weak, too unstable to carry you away. Despair sunk you to the ground, but you played it off by offering a reverent bow.

"Rise! You are secure wherever I may reside." I could sense the blatant fibbery in his voice, and wondered if you could also. "Steady your legs and step deeper into my office so that I may service you as your soul wishes to be pleased." Heeding his words, you stood from your submissive bow, following his directives precisely so as not to offend. The enchanted door slammed shut solidly behind you, encasing you both in darkness. You inched closer to the malevolent creature, painfully commanding the wobbling legs underneath you to march forward.

The monstrous hand beckoned you to him before moving down to undo his bottoms. His grin grew more sinister with each footfall bringing you nearer. Once in reach, he stopped you with a simple touch to the side of your face. The contact caused your gut to churn acid, as the touch turned into a slow, gentle caress of your cheek. "Truthfully dear, I've been yearning for a pet such as yourself for many nights. So obedient, and yet so fearful."

He used your body, treating it like his personal toy before abandoning it like worthless trash. Through our new connection, I felt your mind being drained by the malicious beast until you were numb to the pain.

"That was wonderful my dear, but I am afraid I have some bad news for you. I've grown bored with the pleasantries you have to offer. Of course, if I were able to afford the risk of you tattling my location to a hunter, I would let you go. But my instincts tell me you're a squealer So, I've decided to dispose of you. Hopefully there are no hard feelings."

A demented chuckle breezed by your deafened ears. Your eyes were lifeless and your spirit defeated. It didn't matter to either of you if you were to die. Actually, he took great enjoyment from the thought of skewering you on his claw and sloppily devouring the remains.

Your limbs dangling lifelessly, your abdomen lanced straight through by a monstrous claw; your soul lost the tethers to this world, vacating your body and spiraling away from the bloody scene and into an unknowable abyss.

Luckily for you, I was around to defend your life. Rebuking any long-lasting reality without you, my consciousness snatched you from the revolving air above your corpse, and forcibly flung us both into what was formerly your body.

You were still in death's embrace, still staring at a plastic dream as it melted in your head; the perfect state for possession. I bound us both to your dying flesh just as the creature prepared to sink his teeth in and tear a chunk of meat out of your shoulder. Our hands shot up, and wrapped tightly around his own.

He seemed more perplexed than surprised to see your body able to move. "Clinging to life so desperately, dear girl? How delicious! Perhaps you are not as useless as I'd initially perceived." He struggled to get his hand out of our grip, but I refused to let go. "Release your master, and I'll do my best to repair the damage you have suffered. Then we can play a few more games before I wear your body out completely."

I worked your head to shake a refusal, shattering any bewitchment he used to force your compliance. He did not approve of that, and jerked his claw about, aggressively attempting to shake us off. I gave an intimidating smirk with a dead girl's lips.

"It's time for your punishment, monster." The words were spoken in your voice, but in my dialect, and the beast's eyes lit up in astonishment. In your palms my lightning gathered, spread, and finally covered the claw, effectively frying the monster to a screaming crisp that collapsed to the ground a steaming pile of dead meat.

Even with a life-threatening wound, it felt exhilarating to have a body again. But I could not operate it correctly until your mind resurfaced from the depths of its death-induced coma. So here we lay, still in the lair of our first victim. I have been biding my time, busying myself with applying healing magic to your frozen, dead systems.

I can not tell you how long we have been here. The body next to us stinks more than it ever had when I lacked a nose. All I know now for certain, is I will be eternally satisfied with an infinite amount of the sweetness to dine on, and a new immortal body to pilot. And all because of you, my sweets.