Sometimes I wish that I could let it all out

The love within me that I have for you

And stop pretending or having to hide

To drain it and to purge it, to let it go

Because sometimes it's just too much

And it hurts too much to keep it inside

I know that you're never going to return it

I know you'll never see me like this

And yet still I hope and dream that some day

You'll realise the love that I possess for you

And you'll realise that perhaps you love me too

And you'll see me in the way

That I see you

Cut open the flesh, and come forth the crimson

Blood is to love what blood is to life

For it sustains me and flows through me

That which poisons and seeks to ruin

That which taints and corrupts the mind

Because blood is as evil as blood can be

At times I can love you

And at other times I can hate you

And most of the time it's a mixture of the two,

But even though I feel this way

And even though I go through this pain

To be honest

I'll never tell

It to