Luna's Daughter

Luna's face shown in the night sky
as bright as any sunny day.
As the night wore on
clouds came, thick and dark, veiling her face.
Her brightness still shown
around the edges of the veil.
Clouds so full and dark with rain,
ready to break.
Lightning cuts through,
causing the rain to bleed out.
Thunder roars out the anger of loss,
shaking the foundations of heaven.
Luna cries moonbeams,
falling down to earth.
Small glowing rays of light,
casting shadows in the dark.
One ray is fading fast,
about to flutter out.
Only to be picked up and held close,
safe and dry in someone's cloak.
Swiftly carried away,
out of the storm and winds.
To a dry, smooth cave
where the wanderer held camp.
He placed the fluttering moonbeam close to his fire,
until she fluttered no more.
Her light shown bright and true
and her form changed.
A moonbeam no longer was she,
but a daughter of the moon.
Fairer than any woman of the world,
bright as stars were her eyes.
Her form matched the wanderer's,
and their smiles matched their hearts.

Hope you guys like this one. Started it awhile back while in class and then finished it the other day. Let me know what you think.