Seraphina downed the last few dregs of her ale before slamming her mug down on the tavern table exclaiming in victory as her friend and fellow companion Quinn, set down his finished drink a few moments later.

"Yo-you owe me another drink" she hiccups causing a chorus of laughter from the group sitting around the table causing her to glow in the lime light.

Seraphina smirks and rocks back in her chair, she liked days like this where the group of them could sit around and do nothing for the whole day without too much prejudice following them , though this lack of revulsion was mostly due to fear than anything else.

Quinn groaned and slumped in defeat as his rapidly depleting wallet became lighter "One more game" he demands getting up and heading towards the barmaid who looks at the group in distaste.

"Only if you're prepared to lose again, Pyro" Sera teases at her friends several loses marked out by the numerous empty mugs on the table.

"He never knows when to give up" Cedric coolly comments on their friends competitive streak pulling out a pack of cards offering them to Sera.

Sera widen her eyes "no thanks" she snorts" remember last time, you bankrupt me last time" she states recalling the last time she played cards against Cedric and lost badly.

Cedric rolls his eyes and turns to an unfortunate costumer in the tavern who eagerly accepts having no idea of her friend's power.

Sera muses over the oddness of her companions each of them were of use to a certain king yet each of them were marked. Seraphina pulls back her leather bindings over her wrists and forearms to reveal an intricate design hidden away. Before she had turned 18 the mark had been a meaningless stain on her wrist. Yet afterwards it had formed something special, unique and as mystical as the power that came along with it.

Sera smiles softly that was the wonder of the mark, it could stay as dormant for as long as it wanted. Then out of the blue it would take shape, it would twist and bend to take a new form and not long after a power would follow. Being marked was a curse on most communities, even if was a useful one such as being able to change the weather. Since all marked had were reported to the king, to do so where fit.

Her thoughts were abruptly cut off by Quinn handing her a mug deliberately avoiding her unusually bare hands.

Sera sighs and take the mug "I'm not going to do it" irritated at her friend's cautious behaviour.

Quinn sceptically raises an eyebrow and takes a seat "yeah, yeah that's what you said last time then you had that poor peasant boy following you round like a lost puppy"

"that wasn't my fault" she exclaims and pointing an accusatory finger at Quinn continues "you got on my nerves, it wasn't my fault that the boy was in the way" mentioning that she can't often control her powers

Quinn opened his mouth so say something snarky nonetheless when the chatter suddenly quietened down till silence.

Sera turns round in her chair to see the reason for this silence, a guard dressed in the royal insignia stood in the door way.

"The king req-requests your presence" the guard stammers and Sera notes his obvious anxiety.

"Which one of us" Favian, another of her companions, calls obnoxiously taking glee at the guard's terror.

Sera runs a hand lazily through her braided hair and deciding to end the guards pain and points to herself.

The guard nods vigorously causing a harsh rattle from his helmet, Sera pushes herself up and grabs her discarded gloves off from the table , " I'm sorry boys" she lazily calls out and grabbing her cloak from the back of the chair she starts to leave. "I'm guessing I'm going to have to call it an early night"

As she passes the guard he lets out an audible sigh of relief, smirking slightly she decides to have some fun, spinning round and using her renowned agility she ends up I the guards face and whispers "boo"

The guard lets out a small scream of terror and stumbles causing him to fall over a nearby chair. A disgusted silence fell over the tavern with the exception of her companions who are in fits of giggles.

Even the normally humourless Cedric who is about finished robbing his opponent and packing up his cards breaks out a small smile.

Sera grins deviously glad that an impression has been made but as soon as she has stepped outside into the cool autumn hair she sobers up.

Slipping her gloves on as well as adjusting her leather bindings on her arms she begins the tedious walk up to the castle.

Her attire and her hidden face caused problems at the castle gates, but as soon as she made eye contact with the guards on duty they hurriedly let her through. She could have gone through the back entrance but this way was much longer and she wanted to delay her meeting with the king.

As she made her way to through the ever darkening hall ways she wonders what the king could have wanted her presence for. It was most definitely a mission, he wouldn't have called her otherwise. And it was about time she had been off duty for about a week, with nothing to do almost drove her mad. She had made herself 'useful' by tagging along with Quinn and Cedric or even Favian.

By now the only light available was the few touches that illuminated the area, Sera snorts of course he wanted to meet her in the deepest part of the castle far away from everyone in order to keep up his pristine appearance.

Meeting with a marked freely would defiantly taint his reputation but to keep a group of them in his castle without persecution that would destroy it.

She soon reaches a pair of intimidating wooden double doors and without breaking a step she pushes them open and strides in making her presence known.

The King doesn't even look up from his work "you are meant to knock" he warns coldly.

Feeling a lot more confident than normal Sera snorts and collapses into one of the nearby chairs "this my territory not yours"

The king's head snaps up his eyes darkening "I would watch your tongue" he warns glaring at the seductions but then returns to his maps with a wave of his hand "but I will excuse you this time due to your intoxicated state"

Sera scowls of course he would have known she thinks folding her legs over the chair's armrest somehow the king knew everything which unnerved her deeply she was the one meant to be holding the secrets not him.

Sera observes her superior who is still pondering over the maps, he was young only in his second year of reign and his inexperience showed often through points of disparate measure however if any commented this , they were silenced. Most of the ladies at court thought he was handsome but she couldn't disagree any further.

Still pondering she doesn't notice the King's change in position so when he spoke she jumped ever so slightly

"I have a new mission for you" he spoke a small smirk playing on his lips at her slight surprise.

"About time" she says playing of her unnerved feelings for snarky ness.

"It's to Valyria " he states and ignoring his subjects protest continues " it is simple target Destrian"

Sera scowls "you want me to seduce my own brother" her face crinkles in disgust "that is low" displaying her obvious disgust.

The king glowers and grits his teeth at her disobedience "no we want you to kill him"

Sera leaps up from her chair and faces him "No" she spits practically bristling then trying to gain composure she adds "get Quinn to do it, it's more of his expertise"

The King is unfazed by the outburst "We need someone with more tact and knowledge of the country and its grounds, Quinn is unsuitable"

Sera snarls "Get someone else to do your dirty work" and spits at the kings feet she spins round to head out of the room to only be slammed against the stone wall.

Sera lets out a gasp of pain as her body makes contact with the jagged stone , she forgot how quick and strong the king could be though that only flicked through her head as an arm was dangerously pressed to her throat.

"Know you place" he hisses in her ear his eyes flickering from brown to green, even though in her precarious position. Sera smirks their King's big secret that would most ultimately destroy him. He was a mutant the very being he earned to destroy and that little secret was one of the most precious ones she kept.

"I'm not going to kill my brother" she manages to say ,desperately keeping the fear from her voice and eyes out of the equation though this only emitted a cold laugh from the king

"Oh really" he sneers "the brother who turned on you rejected you and you're not going to get revenge"

Sera turns her eyes to the ground "not in this way" she whispers

The King's scowl deepened and his forearm was pressed more tightly against her throat "Remember" he warns his lips ghosting over her ear "you may be useful but you're not indispensable" and with that warning he steps back and let's go of the seductress who just manages to catch herself.

Stepping back he returns to his maps 'I'm expecting you to be at the ports by sunrise" he calls out, ignoring the vile cursing that came from her mouth but held his position not moving a muscle until the door slammed shut behind him.

Waiting for a couple more moments the King strides over to the laid out map on the table. Tracing a finger along the River Penion he muses to himself. If everything goes to plan Valyria will be his in less than a week, then Haxam and Samavion will follow, then finally the hidden kingdom of Belaquinn protected by the impermeable forests and the Lake Grenlzia.

The King smirks, to set this all off he needed a spark one which he had just sent away.

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