They said that he was a fool.


I hate that word.

It even rhymes with all the other words I hate:

Tool, drool, cool.

If evolution is sinful

Then the English language must be Satan's right-hand man.

She bent down

Her face reminded me of the beach,

If you saw it through a crab's perspective.

At the surface it's tan and dry

Its texture formed from being stepped on repeatedly.

Eventually the sand will become so fine,

That it will slowly dissolve into the surrounding air.

But if you dig deep, deep underneath all of that

You'll find nothing but gray rock

Cooled by the ocean water

Quietly heated by the Earth's core.

I never really liked the beach.

I told her what they said

How he was so stupid

That he forgot he was a man

And instead became a housewife.

But she said no,

He wasn't stupid.

He was the smartest man she ever met

Because his answer to every question was,

"I don't know."