So, José was just your ordinary trash can, living the way trash cans do. He had a wife and 4 ½ kids until one day that all changed. José was just sitting in front of the TV like usual.

His wife was in the kitchen making dinner and the kids were playing outside. Suddenly, José's wife saw something lurking in the woods behind their house and then a shot was fired; then another. She ran outside and was in shock to see her to beautiful kids lying on the ground with bullet holes all over them and covered in blood. José's wife saw the object in the woods get closer to her and then the face appear. The stranger pointed the gun at her face and killed her.

José came running out when he was sure that the sound he heard was a gun firing. He saw the stranger who killed his family, but before he could stop him the stranger was nowhere to be seen. José knew they were dead but he called the police anyway.

When the police got to his beautiful 2 story house in the suburbs, José told them what had happened and for once they believed him. (These police are tuff. Its hard to get them to believe you.)

"Well, you see, I was sitting in the living room, my wife was making dinner and the kids were outside." said José. "So, I guess she went out to check on them. Then I heard gunshots and I ran out and I saw them dead on the ground."

"Interesting." replied the police officer. "Did you happen to see the killer?"

"Well, I did get a glimpse of him."

"Can you tell me what you saw?" asked the officer.

"Of course!" said José. "This stranger wasn't really a trash can. I think it was a… a RECYCLING BIN!"

"A RECYCLING BIN!?" screamed the office. "I wonder what it's doing here. Recycling bins aren't allowed here. We have to catch this thief before it causes even more damage to this fine town!"

"What do you suppose we do with the bodies?" asked José.

"Well, we can prepare a proper funeral for you." said the officer. "In the meantime, did you happen to see which way this recycling bin went?"

"He went that way!" José said as he pointed towards the river.

The some of the officers started running towards the river, while the others helped with the bodies. They carried cleaned the bodies and put them in their cars and drove back to the station. Once there, the officers prepped them for cremation.

*(stranger's scene)*

The recycling bin kept on running and running. Little is known about this recycling bin, except the fact that it is green and its name is Frank. Frank didn't seem like a very likable recycling bin(not that any recycling was very friendly).

Frank ranthrough the woods and down into the river. the police were right on his track. They watched him go straight into the river and back up arrived with the boats. The police paddled ahead of him and they grabbed out of the water. And they headed back to the station for further assessent.