*(Frank's scene)*

Two trash cans in black suits appear in front of Frank's cell. They opened the door and grabbed him. Frank didn't as questions he just went with them. The trash cans took him to the town's court-house for his trial. Frank told them everything and pled guilty. The judge decided that Frank needed help, mentally of course. He sentenced him to 20 years in jail and after 5 years of community service.

"If he does not complete his 5 years of community service he could choose either to be put in a mental institution or be sentenced to death." said the judge.

The police officer that was standing by the judge, came over to Frank and handcuffed him. He escorted Frank out of the building and drove him to the county jail .

Years and years past as Frank did his time in jail. Every once in a great while his friends would visit.

"Hey, Frank! How's a going?" asked Henry , Frank's recycling bin friend.

"Ehh, its been better. The food here really sucks. You'd get more nutrition from a cardboard box than this." said Fran k .

"That bad." said Henry. "How's the service?"

"This isn't a hotel!"

"I know, but when you yell for someone do they come?" asked Henry.

"Yeah, after about 20 minutes of you yelling at them."

"Wow! Service here stinks!" said Henry. "I wouldn't want to live here."

"I didn't choose to live here; I was forced to." replied Frank.

"Soo... How much longer?"

"Till what?" asked Frank.

"Till you get out?"

"Oh, about 15 years." replied Frank.

"Yikes! That's a long time."

"Yeah it is, but its gonna go by fast." said Frank.

"One can only hope!" said Henry. "Well.. . I better get going, gotta get the kids from school."

"Ok, say 'hi' to them for me."

"Ok! Bye."


*(José's scene)*

José was just cleaning up around the house, making sure everything was perfect. There was not a speck of dust out of place. José started to clean the windows when he heard a knock at the door. He walked over and answered it. It was his old friend, Matt.

"Hi, Matt! How's a going?"

"Oh it's been just Delightful! How have you been?" asked Matt.

"Oh, me? I've been better. I don't know if you heard, but my wife and kids were killed a few years ago by a recycling bin."

"Oh my god!" said Matt. "That's terrible . I'm so sorry."

"It's ok. I've learned to get used to it ."

"Did the guy who shot them, get sentenced to death yet?" asked Matt.

"Well... no." said José. "He was sentenced to 20 years in jail and 5 years of community service after. And if he doesn't complete or kills another innocent soul, then that's when he'll get killed. "

"I think he should just be killed right now, here I'll go get my gun and you can shoot him!" said Matt.

"Oh no! It'll be alright, the police can kill him. If I kill him, well... I could go to jail." said José.

"Well, ok, I guess. But if you ever want to do it yourself, you call me. I'm here to help."

"Ok..." said José.

"Well, I better get going. I got a ton of stuff to do. You know I'm getting married in a few months." said Matt.

"Oh, I know I'm gonna be there."

"Ok, Bye." said Matt.


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