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As I put my back up against the grubby building, many thoughts began rushing through my mind. How can something this calamitous happen? Tears went down my crimson cheek. My hands were scraped hard as I began to see the faint blood. I guess you can say, by the facts, but mostly my opinion, I'm homeless. Every since I turned six, six years ago. My parents got very sick. My Mother died first and my father shortly afterwards. I have moved in with my Uncle George, but he is not as fortunate as my parents. He had many bills to pay, his apartment needed to be cleaned, I needed to go to school, but to my concern he did not have the money. And debts were not be cared for. Sooner or later he could not pay for his apartment, and we had to move out. I had been living on the street since. I am trying to learning that I'm probably going to live like this forever.

"Uncle," I said, glaring at the faint blood on my hands. "Will this ever end?"

He put his hands over his eyes, removing his glasses, he sighed with sorrow and answered me. "Listen, Marie," He said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "Everything going to be just fine."

Tears went down my cheek once again as I gave soft cry, I prayed to God every morning to find us a sweet little home to live in, anything but the streets would be nice. Maybe, just maybe.

I soon realized that I have gotten very ravenous over the past hour, my stomach growled anticipation. Uncle George had given me five dollars for food, and I was very wise not to spend it on sugar or anything like that, I know that cannot fill you up. I gotten two apples, one big water jug, bread, and wheat. Unfortunately, the food cost over six dollars, the supermarket clerk made me return everything if I wasn't buying. And I sure couldn't, I sighed as I picked up the food, and I carried it over to the aisles, I opened the door to put the water back, until I noticed ten dollars sitting in its place. I gasped and picked it up. I thought maybe someone had left it, but why ten dollars? I did not know who had left it. Maybe this person knew about my history. I seized the ten dollars and paid for everything. I left the supermarket with a smile upon my face. I carried the groceries over to my uncle, which was about twelve blocks away. When I had arrived, I was smiling gleefully as I put the groceries down on the ground, "Uncle George!" I began, my heart pounding with excitement. "This strange person gave me ten dollars to pay for the groceries. Oh, dear God, it was a miracle."

"Marie," Uncle George started, his voice low and stern, he folded his arms and gave me a death glare. "How dare you steal? That is a horrible sin to commit. I am very disappointed in you, Marie,"

"But, Uncle George," I started, my eyes swelling up with tears. "I do not think I stole, I think that money was for us!"

"You think, Marie, you think! We are not eating stolen food! You know what, go ahead and throw that forsaken food in the lake." His hand pointed towards a lake, not far from here, about two miles, and two miles was a long way.

"But Uncle…"


I took hold of the food and walked two miles to the lake. Crying loudly I threw the food in the lake, only, I didn't throw the food only, I also threw myself in. Not that I meant too. And I didn't mean too. I soon found myself holding my breath thirteen feet underwater. I tried to kick my legs upward, but it did not work. Possibly being the fact that I had no swimming experience. I started crying again as the water swished off my tears, my cheeks were turning crimson as I was slowly running out of breath. I prayed to God that he'd help me. About three seconds later, I was out within a blink of an eye.

"Marie…" A voice called within the sky, I gazed up and down to find out where I was. I seemed to be in some golden place, doves singing happily as they flew. Angels also singing to the heavens. Wait. Was I? Was I really in heaven? Am I dreaming? I pinched myself to see if I was. And I was not. I did not know if I had died and I was sent to heaven. Or am I just in a different reality? "Marie..." The voice repeated.

"Yes?" I responded, my lips quivering. The voice sounded like someone, someone familiar.

"Dear child, do not be afraid of me. I am the one who loves you just like God loves you."

My eyes welled up in tears as I followed the voice, it can became clearer in clearer, to what -seemed to be an angel. But not just any angel. My—"Mother!" I ran up to her and hugged her with all of my might. My tears fell off my cheek onto the golden clouds.

"Dear child, to not become so attached to me. For soon I will fade away like the sun does every sunset. But soon it will rise again at sunrise." My mother said.

"But, Mom…"

"Marie…for I am always with you…I am in your heart always, whenever you want to see me, lift your spirit, set it free."


She gave one last kiss on my forehead and faded within the wind. Those words were engraved in my heart. 'Lift your spirit, set it free.'

I seem to have woken up from the hospital bed, my head aching. My Uncle George was in the room with me, he kissed my forehead, and ruffled my hair.

"Marie," he said. "You must be very glad to be alive." I nodded happily. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope, addressed, Marie. "This is for you."

I took hold of the note and it revealed a check of 500,000 dollars, I smiled as I showed Uncle George. He smiled as he hugged me. I looked at the envelope once more, inside was a little note. I read it to myself:

Remember Marie, Lift your spirit, set it free.

I knew this was a gift from God.

The End.