Within a fridge, one thinks to see

a varied food menagerie

of tasty things consumable

and nothing that's unsuitable.

But mine's no ordinary box.

Into it, things appear to flock.

The roast has tendencies to moo.

It's turned a lovely peacock blue.

There's half a fruitcake here, you know.

We think t'was made quite long ago.

Because, when struck with infra-red,

one sees within, an arrowhead.

The mashed potatoes need a shave,

a task requiring someone brave.

For this we have a good supply

of prehistoric octopi.

The meatloaf's bent on world control.

It's colonized the salad bowl.

The valiant chickpeas still resist,

the ones that fell shall long be missed.

Beneath a citadel of mold,

you'll find some fish that's really old.

Well, fish is what it used to be,

by now the fish might disagree.

What's this? A war has broken out!

The chickpeas and the sauerkraut

unite against their common foe

the meatloaf stored two shelves below.

The chickpeas fought with might and main.

The meatloaf battled back in vain.

The noble sauerkraut prevailed,

and thus it was the meatloaf failed.

But now, it's time to purge the beast

of food from every bygone feast.

With scorching flames and hazmat gear,

the fruitcake's all we have to fear.