Short skirts

Frilly t-shirts

Curls and twirls

But only for skinny girls

The world don't care

If the media is unfair

Skinny is pretty

And you aren't cool

Unless you wear a bikini

It's manditory to be thin

And ain't it a sin?

All those girls

With frizzeled hair and baggy jeans

Yearning for the image

They see in magazines

Longing for the perfect figure

Purging, cutting,

Killing themselves to look good in the mirror

And ain't it a sin

How we long to fit in?

Striving for perfection

As if we'd find it in a size

And when you think about it,

Starvation and sacrifice

Seem small compared to the real prize

-Flat tummies and skinny thighs

But here you see is the underlining problem:

Toned arms and thighs

Soon turn into

Visible ribs and a naked spine

Health becomes an obsession

And being thin evolves into an addiction

You never stop yearning to belong

And this constant pressure to be perfect

Is wrong

Small, medium, or large


Being thin

Isn't about fitting in

It's about being YOU

So whether being you involves

Boy shorts or mini skirts

Frilly tops or plain t-shirts

Curls, twirls, WHATEVER

Together we can change

The standards of perfection

Together we can change the world

And all it starts with

Is this girl

Author's Note: This is written from a girls point of view, but I know guys struggle with this too. I realize this is a very touchy subject, and take it from one who has tried all of the above to reach perfection, I know how emotional it is. Striving for perfection is impossible because perfection doesn't exist. As a good friend recently told me, the best you can do is strive for excellence; excellence, for me, is being the very best you. Not the person your friends want you to be, or the person the media pressures you into thinking you need to become. Excellence is living the life you want to live and not constantly beating yourself up for what you're not. So heres what I'm going to do; I dare you, each and every one of you to just be yourselves for a day. Trust me, when you sit down and think about how many times we dress ourselves up (or down) to please others, it's kind of hard NOT to accept this challenge. So I dare you. BE YOU.

My personal suggestions are:

*Make your favorite dessert and eat it all.

*Write down everything you like about yourself- and don't be afraid to go crazy!

*Call your best friend and tell them you've met someone really amazing that you want them to meet- really dress them up but don't say their name. Tell your friend about this "person's" talents and strengths. When they finally ask, tell them your name. Don't be ashamed of sounding haughty or self righteous, if they're a good friend they'll understand and be happy for you.

*Don't put on any makeup, not even concealer or lip gloss. Just be yourself!

*Wear what YOU want. Dress to impress yourself, not others.

Anyways, feel free to make up your own rules! After all, you're not doing this to please me, you're going to do what YOU want to do today!

Stay beautiful!