Chapter Six

The Flying Boy

"That's not funny Rune!" Said Ty after understanding what had been said, worriedly sitting down on the couch. Rune looked at him with a blank expression. "Ty

when do I ever try to be funny?" he said, getting bored and exiting the room. Damn it Ty knew Rune Was Right, but why? He just fought, why did he have to do

it again? Ty decided that questioning it wasn't going to help and pulled out the plastic fork and tried his ability, again. Of course it was unsuccessful and Ty

quickly grew frustrated. Ty looked around, and noticed Silva wasn't around. "Silva" he asked thinking maybe she was in her room. He was right as she soon

came out.

"Ty what's wrong" she asked slightly worried. Ty, who suddenly realized his reason for calling her name, grew quiet. Silva took this as a sign that something

was wrong and came to sit by him. Thinking quickly Ty found a way out.

"How do you control your ability?" he asked thinking the answer would help him.

She looked at him and began to answer. "Well, it's kind of difficult to explain." She paused trying to think of her next statement. "when I seduce someone, it's

almost like I can feel their most passionate emotions, and can manipulate them, it only changes to lust, which makes everyone I use it on, want to…well, you

know" her face flushed slightly.

"Oh" replied ty realizing it didn't help at all.

"What about you're other ability?" I asked hopeful. Her face turned to its normal color.

"Oh well I have to concentrate, and if I do it hard enough, like I did to you, it just comes to me." Ty remembering the occasion, looked away. "But most of the

time, I get only flashes of what the person, thinks of when they use their ability." Ty, again disappointed. Gave up.

"Silva, are you sure I'm telekinetic?" he asked, beginning to doubt it. She looked at Ty, and smiling, said. "Ty I know you are!" and then left the room. After

another hour with the plastic fork, Ty gave up and went to bed.

"Don't give up"



When Ty woke up, he wasn't afraid. He had already been in a match and lasted way longer than he thought it would. Today he had to fight Erik, who would no

doubt be more difficult. Realizing then that after this match. The core's would be fighting. He stumbled to his dresser like he had gotten used to by now. After

grabbing his clothes Ty headed towards the bathroom. After entering, he looked in the mirror, and instinctively touched his face. His curly blonde, hair was the

same, as were his green eyes. But what shocked him was a scar that he didn't recognize. It was small. And right above his right eye. Realizing then that it was

from the match the day before. He decided it wasn't all that bad looking. In fact Ty kind of thought it made look cool. After two minutes of staring at his newly

obtained scar he undressed and took a shower. He decide to take longer and began thinking about how much his life had changed. He thought it was better

than the orphanage, but he couldn't help but miss it. He had been there his whole life, and as much as he hated to admit it, it was home. Finishing his shower,

he quickly got dressed and headed for the kitchen. As he sat down, he noticed Rune was sitting at the table with them. Silva grabbed their plates, and decided

to serve them. Ty realizing it was pancakes, began eating.

"Rune, why are you sitting with us?" Ty asked, after swallowing a bite. Rune looked at him and then responded. "Ty, I live here to"

Before he knew it, Ty asked Rune a question. "Rune how do you control, your ability?" Rune looked at him and after a couple seconds answered with. "It's hard

to explain."

After thinking about it, Ty understood how explaining how to Teleport could be difficult. He decided to Drop the subject and finish his breakfast. Ty started

feeling anxious again and decided to try the fork some more before heading to the arena. Unsurprisingly it was no use. "You'll get it Ty" said Silva trying to

assure him. He knew she was right, but couldn't help to feel that she was wrong. After one last try Ty got up and headed with his clan, to the arena. When

they entered Ty noted that they were the first ones there. Soon after clan Charm showed up all in their blue clan jackets. Ty saw Danny, and couldn't help

feeling mad. He dismissed the feeling, when clan Fuse showed up in their emerald Clan jackets. He quickly spotted Erik and began feeling anxious again. After

all three clans had gathered. Master Civic entered. He always seemed to know when they were all there. Ty dismissed this thought to figuring it to be an ability

he may possess.

Once everyone was quiet, he spoke. "Welcome, everyone, to our final Vex match, of the first round." Pausing briefly, to flash his signature warm smile. "In

today's match the Vex from clan legacy will face the vex from clan fuse, for one point." After glancing at Ty he continued. "Ty, Erik, please take your places."

Ty and Erik walked to the center and waited. Ty knew the second Master Civic yelled "begin" Erik would take off into the sky, then try and tackle him like he had

with Danny. Ty knew he didn't stand a chance. Then he had an idea.

"Are you ready?" asked Master Civic. Looking at ty more than Erik.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Said ty. Shortly followed by a "Yes" from Erik.

"Begin" Shouted Master Civic.

Just as ty had predicted Erik soared into the air. He knew he couldn't fight effectively like this so he waited. Erik swept down straight for Ty just as ty knew he

would. Ty waited for the right second before thrusting his right fist straight at the incoming Erik's nose. It connected. And Ty heard two distinctive Crack's.

feeling pain in his hand, he looked at his fist. His skin wasn't visible behind his bloody knuckles. Ty soon realized he had broken his hand. "Ow" he said to

himself aloud. Then upon hearing a muffled cry of agony. He turned to face Erik who was sitting face up covering his nose. Ty felt sorry but realized Erik

probably wouldn't sit there forever. The match was still going. Reluctantly he raised his left fist, which was the unbroken one. And charged him, he was too late.

Erik lifted off the ground again and just hovered up there for a while. Slowly his nose seemed to bother him less as he started too rush me again. I found

myself jumping out of the way, not eager to try hitting him again, it wasn't because it hurt too much. He now could only use his left hand. To Ty this seemed to

go on for hours, when in reality it was more like three minutes. Every time Ty could feel himself getting weaker and weaker. Until he didn't have the energy to

dodge anymore. He watched as Erik, turned around and flew towards him once more. Ty knew he couldn't win. As Erik came closer Ty closed his eyes, and

instinctively raised his arms to protect his face. Ty could somehow sense the air shift as Erik soared at him. He was waited for three seconds but was distracted

by the Group watching the fight. First they let out a gasp. Shortly followed by Silva screaming. "TY, OPEN YOUR EYES YOU DID IT." unsure what she meant, ty

opened his eyes and what he saw confused him. Erik was laid out at the far end of the arena. Realization swept over him as he remembered a strange feeling

he had, when he thought Erik was going to tackle him. He had done it, he had used his ability. A feeling of triumph came over him as the feeling of using his

ability showed him something. He thought he was supposed to use his mind. He knew now, he had been doing it wrong with the fork. Ty was again distracted

from his thoughts as he noted that Erik had gotten up. Ty realizing that the fight wasn't over, braced himself. Erik lifted off the ground again and again headed

straight for him. Ty, who at the moment still felt triumphant. Raised his hand and was disappointed as he realized Erik wasn't stopping or even slowing.

Panicking ty raised both his arms towards him, and could sense Erik coming towards him. But he soon realized that Erik had tackled him. He was helpless as

Erik, slammed him against the wall. Feeling the trickle of blood as Ty fell unconscious.