Sakurai's stomach was churning as the Cortés left London's port. First, Captain Marvellous introduced him to the rest of his crew. There were sixteen people on The Cortés including Captain Marvellous and Sakurai. There was two Portuguese brothers Pedro and Andre, Angel, who was Spanish and little bit crazy, Three Italians called Marco, Matteo and Antonio, a French man called Lucas who was very close to Captain Marvellous, Andrzej, a polish general who wanted more action, A Danish gunsmith, Rasmus, who Captain Marvellous had let on his ship because he had gave his supply of firearms to him. There was also a German boy about the same age as Sakurai called Leon. The rest of the crew were English. There were called Eric, Daniel, Grayson and Dawn. Dawn was the only female on the ship.

"Right guys, this is our crew," said Captain Marvellous to the crew. "Basically, we're going to Fraser Island which is part of Australia to find Dracula's treasure lost in 1467. Any questions?"

"Yeah, how do you know where to go!" called Daniel.

The captain rolled his eyes, "Because I found the map somewhere, yeah I found it," repeated Captain Marvellous somewhat lamely.

Sakurai didn't know what to think. He was actually on ship with people finding treasure. He remembered stories being told about adventurers who had got rich by finding buried treasure but those were just stories Sakurai had thought.

Captain Marvellous had assigned each person a role or duty. Captain Marvellous was ship captain of course, Lucas was quartermaster, Angel was Sailing master, Pedro and Andrzej were boatswain who supervised the maintenance of the vessel and its supply stores. , Andre, Frank and Daniel was the carpenter in charge of repairing any damages to the ship, Rasmus was the master gunner, Marco and Matteo were 'mates' who checked if the ship was properly supplied and filled in for anyone who was ill, Sakurai was the rigger who had to climb up the spar and release the sails, The rest were sailors who needed to know how to read the weather, how to steer the ship and to know the rigging and sails.

The route to get to Fraser Island was quite straightforward. The Cortés would go along the east coast of Africa and follow the coast line. Then it would go straight to Australia. It would take ten to fourteen weeks to get there.

It took a week for The Cortés to get to Lisbon for fresh supplies. They had been taught how to work the ship. Sakurai was enjoying his time on The Cortés. He loved climbing up the spar on a windy even though it was dangerous. He also had got to know the crew a bit better. Most of the time, Sakurai hung around Dawn, Grayson or Angel. He would have liked to know Leon but he was a bit of a snob and kept on going on about his rich father.

Captain Marvellous, Pedro and André had some reals on them to buy food. They were to go to the market in Lisbon and Captain Marvellous would instruct them what to buy.

Hey came back with fresh fruit and meat they would have to eat quickly before it went bad. They also brought back heavily salted fish, limes and biscuits. Most of the men cheered when they saw they had brought back light beer and rum. They also had water the stored in some barrels. It wasn't a very good diet but it was enough to keep them alive and Sakurai was used to small meals.

The one downside, Sakurai thought, was that the sleeping compartments were really small and it was a miracle if you got a decent night' sleep. Night time for them was thinking time. Tonight, Sakurai was thinking about what he would do after this voyage ended. He probably wouldn't want to go back to London. He could go back with one of these people on the ship. Or he could start his life again with his sixty fourth share of the treasure. He sighed, he would decide when he finds the treasure. Tonight, he would try and get to sleep. Every night someone had to keep watch in case someone tried to board The Cortés. It was Eric who was chosen tonight.

The next morning they woke up to heavy rain. It wasn't quite a storm but it was borderline. "Sakurai, you're up," called Lucas through the rain. Sakurai nodded and climbed up the spar. It was slipperier than normal but that didn't bother him. He climbed up like a monkey and released the sails. Sakurai lingered up there long enough to feel the strong winds push against his face. After he had climbed back down, the rain was getting lighter and the wind was less fierce. "It didn't last long," commented Sakurai. The others just nodded. No one had noticed there were only fifteen people on The Cortés.