His Other Side

There's something interesting about Trish's boss.

He was strikingly good looking. Untamed sienna locks framing his masculine features, and vivid emerald eyes that held only compassion, understanding and warmth.

But no… Trish realized that whenever she was nearing him, his usually kind and compassionate eyes would morph into something dark, scary, and evil. But somehow, Trish had found this other side of his boss not entirely scary and terrifying, but rather, sexy and lustful.

She was dreaming of him every night, that sinful red tongue licking her pert buds, those wonderful soft lips whispering sinful words into her ear, those sinful hands penetrating her, and those eyes… those eyes gazing at her own orbs with such intense lust that it was almost ethereal.

She was headed for his boss's office this time, but stopped when she heard panting and moaning outside her boss's door. Curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the door slightly and peeked inside.

There was her boss, James, wearing those soundproof earphones of his while stroking his raging erection with skillful hands.

She wanted to leave, but at the same time, wanted to stay. She wanted to watch her boss masturbating without a care in the world, but she felt rude enough to disturb him when he's having his own private time.

Latter winning against the former, she started to walk towards the door when she heard her name being whispered.


She turned her head towards the direction of her boss, who still was busying himself stroking his erection.

"Trish…" It seemed like a moan now.

She couldn't help feeling hard now. This was such a turn on for her! One of her greatest desires, her greatest dreams, her greatest fantasy! It was all coming true!

She couldn't help walking towards James, still busy stroking himself, and straddled him.

James' eyes snapped open when he felt another hand stroking his erection. His eyes immediately widened when he recognized it was his secretary, Trish. He didn't have time to react because in one moment, Trish was kneeling before him, tracing lazy circles around his hard cock, before swallowing him whole into her mouth.

"A-Ah~ James~" Trish moaned when James slid two digits inside her core, stretching her walls, aiming deeper and deeper with each thrust.

She arched her back and moaned his name when he curled his fingers around her.

She shouldn't be doing this, not with him. He was her boss, and she had a fucking boyfriend, dammit. Even though, she'd been wanting to do this for a while, this was all wrong.

It was all wrong, all wrong, so fucking wrong, definitely wrong and totally wrong—

Those thoughts vanished quickly like a ghost when he moved his fingers faster, scissoring her, stretching her oh so hard—and now, she knew why she couldn't stop him. It felt so good, his fingers felt so good—and ohohoh, this felt so damnably good to be stopped.

"Ah-Ah! I-I'm comi—"

Trish whined when James suddenly stopped penetrating her and pulled his fingers away.

She was so close…so-so close to that damn release she had been waiting for. Oh fuck, why did he have to stop?

James smirked at her before sliding inside her.

He moved at a rough and fast pace, earning pleased moans from her.

"Ngh~" James groaned when he felt her walls tightening around him.

He started to slow down a little and Trish bucked her hips into his, in a desperate amount for more.

He groaned again.

He forgot to mention this, but he never really liked being caught off guard and thrown out of his rhythm, especially during sex.

He slowed down his pace, intent on punishing her for catching him off guard.

"N-Ngh~ J-James! F-Faster! F-Faster!"

Trish bucked her hips into his once more, urging him to go faster, rougher.

And this time, though, he was okay with that.

He chuckled before moving rapidly, thrusting in and out of her at an animalistic pace, and he was rewarded with loud moans and pleasured groans from her to which he swallowed with a rough and wet kiss.

She arched her back and broke away from the kiss to moan his name as he kept hitting that special spot inside her.

She screamed his name when she saw hot white flashes and stars behind her lids, and she felt that endless euphoria coursing through her.

James continued thrusting in and out of her, wanting to feel that same ecstatic euphoria that she felt as she was releasing.

And finally, after a few more thrusts and dirty encouragements form her, he, himself, came too.

He rested his head between her breasts and closed his eyes.

Trish smirked, putting a hand between their bodies and grabbed his member, stroking it once more.

He gasped and opened his eyes, and then gazed at her lustful, sinful, dark eyes that held so much desire.

He felt his lips twitched upward into a smirk.

"Ready for round two?"

This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this story are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

HIS OTHER SIDE. Copyright © 2012 by Lady Bled. All rights reserved.