Back in Time

book 1

Life in Medieval Times

In the medieval times there was always war, so as a male you go to war as an archer, warrior or scout. To win you and your fellowship either kill all of the other team, destroy their city or they surrender. Your king goes first then his army follows (you and team). Anyone can win if their army comes to you, you defend your castle. If you come to their army you attack their castle. Sadly, a lot of people die by weapons called swords, bow and arrows and daggers.

In medieval times if you were a woman, when the war comes to you, men fight and women stay in underground caves with children or they leave to another city. If your friends go to war at the enemies' castle they stay in their bedrooms.

That is the life in medieval times!

Back In


Book 2


One day a boy named Andrew he was an archeologist who explored the Egyptian's secrets and the mummies. He had two helpers who also are archeologists Matt and Jacob. This is what happenedwhen he searched the pyramid of death, it holds the…never mind. We were searching around the pyramid and walked in, all there was, were mummies, spider webs and hieroglyphics, they were freaked. They found a wall and they went through it. Matt and Andrew were looking at one side, Jacob was looking somewhere else, Matt and Andrew looked back at Jacob and he was gone. They were scared. They got their guns out, and were looking for a way out. The mummies eyes glowed and they started walking after Matt and Andrew. They shot the mummies but that did nothing. They shot the ground and they fellthrough the sanded ground. Matt and Andrew split up to find a way to get out of there.


Back In Time

Book 3

The Battle of Candro Cliff

Back when there were no guns, no cars and no buildings, there was…MEDIEVAL WAR!

"Steady, glaives in front, archers behind" the King of England was saying to his army. "May we may lose battles and win but this day we fight! Arise, arise men of the west", putting his sword up and turning to the enemy. "Archers ready, FIRE! Knocking out the enemy, France! Charge!" Here come England and France attacking each other. England was winning. May save this city (Candro Cliff).The enemy was retreating then a horn blew. France was getting reinforcements with 5 dragons and a The Norzdu on One. A Norzdu is the king of the witches whose face has never been seen. While it was riding the dragon it came to the king. Then he got off with a spiked flail and a sword. The king fought him with a sword and a shield. In a flash he was clashing his flail on his shield. Then again, but this time he hit him and again he hit him. The king fell to the ground and died. The army scattered with fear on this day with no king.

And that was the battle of Candro Cliff.

Author: Age 9