Hey guys! So this is the story thing for Cathiopia, i said I would make it today and I did so enjoy. this chapter is for the land and what the people are like. Next chapter will be how you can get your character in the story.

Land Choices

Litheria: the country closest to the dark poles of Moria. Made up of jungles and snow caps and almost uninhabitable. People known as Litherians and are usually cold, snarky, and plain old mean. Are tall with black hair and black eyes, pets can be cats, or wolves. Wears clothing that keep them warm. Controlled by an evil king by the name of Listernick. A civil war is soon to rage. Can't stand the people of Cathiope. Jobs are traders, robbers, hunters, servants, the king's personal guard, soldiers, and gatherers. Areas you can live in are Lithra, Liter, Liti, the palace, and Lithera.

Moria: the dark poles at the top and bottom of the world of Cathiopia. Ruled by the Wizards (or witches if you decide to be female) of Null. Land is cold and barren to the eye but underneath the glamour is a beautiful green luscious land filled with imaginary critters. Wizards (and witches) are usually friendly but you get the couple of bad apples. Wears the average wizard clothing. Look are bizarre, can range from having tattoos on the face to a plain one and the hair and eye colors vary to anything. No king but rumors say that there soon will be one. Neutral territory. Jobs are healers, future seers, travlelers, spell warders, and teachers. Pets can be anything you want. Areas to live in are Mira, Lake Mor, the borders, and Mora.

Cathiope: the country in the middle of the world bordered by the countries Mionethra and Cantonian. Ruled by the fair king, Lesnar and his kind queen, Cithra. The princess, Alinera, is in hiding due to her uncle, Listernick, wanting her dead so he can rule the throne. The land is the cleanest and most habitable in the world of Cathiopia. People are tall and fair skinned. Hair color is usually blond or white and the eyes are green. Can't stand the people of Litheria. Jobs are farmers, traders, hunters, a soldier, a servant, or the king and queen's personal guards. Pets can be big cats, wolves, or any domestic animal. The areas that you can live in are Cathra, the palace, Cithriti, and Alinia. People are friendly but will kill if threaten their families or their king.

Mionethra: a country that partly borders Cathiope. Ruled by the unjust king, Ralanar, the people would like a new ruler. The land is a barren wasteland bordered by the sea. Like Litheria, the land is mostly uninhabitable except for underground were most of the people tend to live. People are nasty, cold, and murderous. They tend to steal food to survive. Jobs are traders, blacksmiths, servants, and the king's person guard. Pets can be lizards or snakes. Can't stand Cantonian. Areas to live in are Mortgull, Mionette, and Mithra.

Cantonian: the country that partly borders Cathiope. Ruled by Queen Cithra's kind older brother, Citi, the land and its people has never been more prosperous. The people are kind but have a wild side to them that resides in the princess of Cathiope. The people are usually chubby with dark hair colors and dark skin. The eyes are usually brown or black depending on the position the family holds. The areas you can live in are Canti, Cithriti, the palace, the farm lands of Neutrilis. Pets can be lizards, bugs, horses, or any domestic animal. Jobs to have are farmers, traders, sailors, pirates, a guard at the palace, teachers, and travelers. People can't stand Mionethra.

Dragona Isle: the island of the dragons where the princess of Cathiope is hiding. Land is the most dangerous and is uninhabited. No one knows anything about it or where the princess would be hiding. Home of the famous Golden Dragon.