Hey guys! This is how you can enter your character. And the character sheet.

!.) You have to have send your character via private message. If you send it through a review i won't take it no matter how good it is.

2.) You must do the character sheet otherwise I won't know anything about your character and I won't accept them.

3.)No Mary-Sues! I hate them with a fiery passion because they aren't original. More original the better.

4.) Only one character at a time. Until I say you can create a second or third, you can only submit one.

*Side Note: If you do create a second or third character, please have them be completely opposite in every way possibly imaginable. Thank you.*

5.) I don't want all my characters to have tragic childhoods. It makes it boring and it's way too common these days.

6.) If you send in two characters, don't set them up to fall in love with each other. I choose who they do and don't fall in love with. That's just how it is.

7.) Most people aren't beautiful so make them odd looking or memorable in some way. Most often then not, they turn out to be people's favorites. *hint hint*

8.) BE creative! STAND out! Make this as CRAZY and as FANTASTIC as you can! Characters that are well planned and took time to create will be the best ones so get going!

Some of this will be optional so don't freak out.









Height, Overall Build:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Appears (First impressions):


Anything Else I Might Have Missed:

Personality Basics:

Summary of Personality:

Four Traits That Sum Up Your Character:

Best Thing Your Character Likes About Themselves:

Three Major Flaws Your Character Has:


Annoyed By:

Anything You Want To Add:

Personality Questions

Is your character a very brave person?

Is your character athletic?

Does your character fit well in with others?

Is your character struggling with something about him/herself?

Does your character think highly of themselves? Even just a little?

Does your character care about appearance?

What is your character's worst fear?

Is your character mentally strong?

Is your character more loyal to his/her country or friends?

What do others usually think when first talking to your character?

Does your character rely on others a lot?

Does your character easily fall in love? (*Remember, this doesn't exactly reserve a romance for your character*)

Would your character ever kill somebody?

Does your character value justice over everything else?

Is your character evil-minded/very revengeful?

Is your character effected by the situation of his/her country?

Why do you think your character could be important to the end of the world war? (*Don't stress your mind on this one, OPTIONAL*)

Other (optional!)

Give me a summary of your character's history:



Pet (reptile for fire, fish/water animal for water, land mammal for earth, bird for air, ect):

Weapon of choice (opt. for magical characters):

Ordinary outfit:



More Questions …

How do you imagine your character will die?

Where does your character live?

Does your character have any hobbies?

Would your character sacrifice themselves for the sake of others?

Which country is your character most prejudiced against?

Is your character used to an easy lifestyle?

Is your character against the war?


Jeez that was long!

questions just pm me.

That's it for now!