Hey guys! So these are the people added and the countries they are from. * means my character.


Jack Kitchtack is a 16 year old boy that likes to go by Kitch and lives in the palace and is a personal guard for the king. He is a kind, generous soul that has to force himself to act cruel and unjust. Looking for an adventure, he is willing to leave his family behind and help prevent another Great War from happening. But look out! He knows many different ways to kill a man and he's not afraid to look for a fight.


*Delphine Abersnap is a 23 year old witch in charge of teaching the children of Moria. A kind and gentle soul, she will help anyone in need of a friend. The daughter of High Council Leader, she is one of the best witches out there.*

Sora Aastra Tudor is 15 and has the ability to see into the past or the future. With a protective and secretive nature, not many people hang around him. With a threat on his life and his sister's, he will be willing to do anything to escape the future he sees, including him sitting on a golden throne.

Cathiope: FULL

Talia O'Malley is a 16 year old servant that lives in the palace. She is head-strong, obedient, and caring but her fiery temper can get her into trouble. Usually seen as a breakable porcelain doll, she is not someone to trifle with if you mess with her family.

*Tomlithian Catonic is an 18 year old guard of the palace and Lesnar's right hand man. He is secretly undercover in protecting the princess of Cathiope and went against his old king three years prior. Usually underestimated with his good looks and easy-going smile, he is not someone to mess with if you get in the way of his missions or trying to harm the princess. Sworn enemy to his home country of Litheria.*

*Alinera Cathra is the 17 year old princess of Cathiope and the only child of King Lesnar and Queen Cithra. Due to the near death experience her uncle, King Listernick, caused, she is currently hiding in Dragona Isle with her best friend and trusted guard, Tomlithian, and Elijah and Zophia De La Guardia . Her whereabouts are currently unknown to the outside world.*

Lorelai Evangeline De La Guardia is a 14 year old girl living on her own in Cathiope. Currently stuck in one place while her parents remain missing, she wants to go on an adventure and see the outside world. She may seem frail and weak but watch out! Mess with her family or try and rob her then a good butt whooping is on the way. Likes to go by Angel or Lelai.

Phociah London is a 15 year old hunter living in the woods of Alinia and likes to go by Po. Her parents died in a horrid hunting accident three years prior and her best, and only friend, David has been drafted into the upcoming Great War. Stuck taking care of her 13 year old brother, Luke, she want s to go out and see the world. She may seem frail and weak, not to mention stupid, but she is actually quite intelligent and is stronger than she looks. She will kill if she has to.


Michael Kristin is a 37 year old man originally from Cantonian but moved to Mionethra to start a new life. With a wife and two children to take care of, he will do anything to keep them safe.

Kimbraely Aliyah Regan is a 15 year old daughter of the duchess of Mionethra and likes to go by Bailey. She has the ability to charm-speak those who disagree with her and has the secret ability to control the element of lightning do to the eye color of being underground for too long. She is overly protective of her little sister, Megana, and is in good tidings of the king of Mionethra. She may look like a little kid and act spoiled but don't let that fool you. Underneath all that is a brave girl willing to do whatever it takes to keep her family safe.


Colan Grayson is a 15 year old male working for the Cantonian government as an assassin/spy. With the ability to see people's weak spots, he makes the perfect assassin in dealing with people who pisses off the king or any of the officials. With a kind heart, and a tough background, he's not the type of person you want to mess with. Like ever.

Dragon Isle: FULL

*Jerabeth Wayland is 223 years old and is the keeper of the Golden Dragon. Banned to the Isle when he was only 12 years old, he is a mean old man with a soft heart towards pretty women and dragons.*

Ashoka is 14 and likes to go by Ash. Found on the island by Jerabeth, he practically raised himself and is the old wizard's personal "apprentice". His temper has been known to get out of hand to where he fears killing and hurting people. He has the ability to "speak" to dragons and keeps a close eye on the princess. He is not to be underestimated.