autumn in e-minor

i. flavescent

the horizon faded into an appletini yellow,
defined by an inconsistency of shooting stars
which uncannily resembled cross stitch
rain drops that tasted like sugar

ii. columbine

autumn's cacophony was composed of
a requiem for falling leaves which sang a
desperate salve regina played in e-minor
in memory of a little white bird's
bandaged wing

iii. sarcoline

i used to envy your topaz skin, which was the
color of champagne roses that was as
delicately crafted as a needle point pillow
and as beautiful as a spider lace moon

iv. puniceous

do you remember how we made a pinky swear
that july, crossed our hearts and hoped to die
and buried our secrets inside strawberry top shells
and made wishes on sea glass suncatchers?

v. azuline

but these mini blue pills always made me wonder
if you were still my best friend or if heaven
was just another lie, drowned by promises
that refused to sparkle in the sky