The Pursuit of (Un)happiness

Rain sharpens like knives
In the cold,
And is sharpened again
By the return of the sun.

Sunshine softens like songs
In the summer,
And is softened again
By the eclipse of cloud.

The shadows that claw,
Against the sides of my skin
Are the benchmarks by which
I judge the time
I am standing in the light.

My tears, like rivers
Across a chemical terrain,
Drag blackness in their wake;
But it is the ruin they create
That I remember,
Once clean water has greeted
My face again.

And all those nights,
And all those days
I felt alone
Only throw into relief
Those times when I can sink
Into a reverie of the voices of my friends,
And the uniqueness of
Their presence.

I offer up my love
To the dark,
Though perhaps it is a
Twisted sort of love
I offer,
For its foundations lay
In the light.

There are smiles in my tears
And hopes in my fears,
As there is salt in my eyes
And no earth in the skies.

So in the end you could say
That I'm grateful to unhappiness,
For it has taught me
What it is to be happy.