There once was a raven that never came out in
the light, it was bitter, mean and just never cared about anything. This raven
made fun of all the animals that he knew. The raven knew the all the animals
like the lion's, bear's, eagle's and wolverine's, but the thing is that they
all hated him. One brave animal out of all of the animals tried to be nice to
the raven. It was the beaver, and sometimes the beaver would bring the squirrel
along with him, but the squirrel was scared. The beaver would always say "Good
morning to you all", and they all would say good morning back. But the raven
would always just sit in his nest and think about how death would come a get
him one day; it's because he's so bitter and means that the squirrel is so
afraid of him. "I really don't like that raven" the squirrel says "he creeps me
out". This is why the raven really never comes out that much, and every one of
the animals annoys him. "I wonder what that raven is up to" the beaver says
happily, "I DON'T KNOW, BEAVER" says the squirrel being scared. As you can see,
you know the squirrel really doesn't like mentioning the raven in his conversations
especially if he knew what the beaver was coming to.