December 24 2012.

''Chronos ! Happy birthday !'' Chronos opens his eyes and sees his parents and his sister standing before him and he smiles.

Hist sister looks like she was dragged out of bed and she probably was cause she looks really tired. His mother looks like she was awake for hours cause her hair was brushed and she had make-up on. His dad looks a little bit between Willow and Roselia, he didn't look really tired but he also didn't look really clean like mom.

They hold a chocolate pie before him and he smiles.

''Euhm.. Willow could you go to the living room we want to talk to Chronos'' says Roselia with a nervous smile. His father gives Willow the pie.

''Sure'' says Willow with a yawn and she leaves the room.

''Mom you guys already gave me the birds and the bees talk'' says Chronos while he awkwardly scratches his head.

His mom giggles and his dad just smiles but they both shake their heads.

''Euhm.. not about that'' she gives him the plain white envelope and he raises his eyebrow.

''Open it'' says his father soft.

Chronos opens the envelope and he reads the letter his eyes widen when he is finished reading both sides of the letter.

''So... where is the other envelope ?'' he asks calmly.

''You're not mad ?'' asks his mother with a small smile.

''Of course not'' says Chronos.

''You're my parents and I love you'' he gives them a hug and his mother gives him the other envelope.

Chronos smiles and inspects the envelope. His parents or adoptive parents leave the room and he opens the envelope. In the envelop was a necklace with a small hourglass attached to it. In the hourglass was gold glowing sand. on the bottom of the hourglass stood the words:

Vade in domum.

Chronos puts the necklace on the night stand and walks down stairs. He kinda expected it. He didn't look like his mother or his father not even like his grandparents. So he figured it out on his thirteen birthday.

''Good morning sweetie'' says his mother with a smile.

''Good morning'' he eats a piece of pie and drinks a glass of milk.

Breakfast went pretty normal and until six pm he was in his room playing video games. But then Jack suddenly walked into his room with a small box.

''Happy birthday !'' says Jack while giving him the box. Because Christmas is just two days from his birthday his mom just gives him the present on Christmas. Most people think that if you're birthday is clothes to Christmas you don't get that much presents, but for Chronos that's the opposite because his birthday is close to Christmas he gets a lot of gifts.

''Thanks'' says Chronos while opening the box. A watch, in the box sits a watch. Chronos smirks and looks at Jack who sheepishly smiles.

''So where is 'you don't need a watch' ?''

''Well I couldn't think of anything and the watch just resembles you so I bought it''

Chronos looks at the watch and nods, it did resemble him.

''Wait... did you just say I look like a watch'' says Chronos while raising his eyebrow.

Jack just smiles and grabs a controller.

After two hours Jack's dad calls and Jack leaves again. So Chronos plays video games until twelve PM. He decides to actually go to bed at one AM. Chronos sleeps for two hours and then he wakes up. He looks at his alarm clock in about ten seconds it's three AM. A yawn escapes out of his mouth and he grabs the necklace of his night stand and turns the hourglass. He doesn't know that that the clock stopped exactly at three AM. And not just his clock he just stopped time all over the world. Because he doesn't know that he decides to walk downstairs to grab a bottle of water.

When he looks at the clock in the kitchen he sees that it doesn't move. He picks it of the wall and replaces the batteries, but nothing happens. He doesn't really care and goes back to bed. After eight hours of sleeping he watches at his alarm clock and his eyes widens when he sees that there stand three PM. He first thinks that he slept the whole day until he sees that it stands that it's December 25. Chronos jumps out of his bed and walks to his sisters room.

''Willow ! Willow wake up !'' says Chronos while shacking her. She doesn't respond and he freaks out.

Chronos looks at her alarm clock and there also stands three PM. He freaks out even more and shakes her more.

''WILLOW WAKE UP !'' he screams. Because he moves that much the hourglass turns again and the time moves again.

Willows eyes snap open and she grabs a pillow beside her, she throws it against Chronos his face.

''GET OUT OF MY ROOM TWERP !'' yells Willow. She keeps throwing pillows at him until he left the room.

''Holly shit that was weird'' says Chronos while he runs to his room.

Chronos grabs the envelope of his bed and looks if there is something more in it. Unfortunate for him not. But then he remembers that their was something written on the bottom of the hourglass.

''Vade in domum'' says chronos while turning the hourglass. Everything around him turns black and before he know it he's knock out.