A/N: Hello, everyone. Someone said something about Stormy not being a real name. I wanted to clarify. I'm not being a jerk in any form here, I'm just explaining her name.

I met a girl in middle school named Stormy, and I really liked her name. So, I named the main girl Stormy. And I have met people with the name Stormy...so, yeah. Enjoy the story.

"You're making me go where," I asked, tilting my head, "This has to be some sort of joke."

My dad rose an eyebrow, "No, we're not kidding. I know the superintendent of the boys' school. Since you're getting in so much trouble at your school, the only other option was for you to go to this school. You definitely aren't going to go to any other school around here."

I stared at him. I didn't quite understand this method…at all. I could get in a lot more trouble in an all boys school. And the school that he was talking about was a dorm school.

So, he expected me to live in a dorm with all boys?

I smiled slightly, "You don't think that I can get in trouble at an all boys school?"

My mom sighed and ran her fingers through her long brown hair, "You'll always be watched. And we'll know if you get into trouble. So, we don't see a problem with it."

I stifled a laugh before going to my room. My parents had told me to get clothes to wear at night and clothes for the first day. The superintendent was going to give me a uniform the second day to wear.

I sat down at my desk, after gathering my clothes into a small duffle bag, and stared at my computer screen. My friends would be completely jealous of the fact that I was going into an all boys' school. I just wished that I could trade places with them.

I sighed and put my head down.

If I had to be sent to this school because of the fact that I defended myself against someone that hit me, I don't even want to know what would have happened if I had knocked her out.

Twenty minutes passed before the doorbell rang.

My mother greeted the person happily and asked them to come in. Footsteps sounded outside my door. My mom knocked on the door, "Hey, come out here and meet your new superintendent."

I opened the door slightly and stared up at her. I didn't want to go to an all boys' school. Who in their right mind would want to go to one of those? Yes…a ton of testosterone. And, yes…I love the male gender. My dad says I'm too straight sometimes.

But, come on. Living with all boys can, and will, get annoying.

I grabbed my bag and followed my mom down the hall and to the kitchen where a tall man stood. He wore a black suit; his dark brown hair was slicked back and his light green eyes burned into me. He smiled and turned towards me.

He stuck his hand out to me, "I'm Steven Samuels."

I took his hand in mine and forced a smile, "I'm Stormy Hartinger."

He shook my hand once, "I'm sure you'll be an interesting addition to our school. Before we leave, do you have any concerns about the school? Any questions?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "I'm going to be surrounded by boys day in and day out. That makes me nervous in itself."

"You will have a female guard when you go take showers," he said, "You will also be able to have female visitors from time to time so that you don't get so overwhelmed with the amount of boys around you. If the boys cause you any trouble whatsoever, you will have access to my office at any time during the day. The dorms, however, could become a problem. You will have to make sure to lock your doors every night before you go to bed and every time you leave your room. Our boys can get a little rambunctious at times. But, I can assure you that you will be well protected. Any other questions?"

I shook my head. He explained everything that was on my mind. And knowing that I could go and talk to him whenever I wanted made me feel more at ease.

When I looked over at my parents, they seemed to be rethinking their decision.

Before they could say anything, Steven – or maybe I should call him Mr. Samuels – smiled and asked if I was ready to go.

I gave my parents a few seconds to object before I sighed and nodded. I said goodbye to them and followed Mr. Samuels out the door and to his black Mustang.

The whole way there, I didn't utter a word. All I could do was think about what could possibly happen to me. I have always been paranoid. But I could usually overlook my fears and put on a cool face. For some reason, in this situation, I couldn't quite do it. As we got closer to the school, I felt my heartbeat quicken. My stomach wouldn't stop churning from the fear that had set in my stomach.

Once the school was in sight, I closed my eyes and ordered myself to take deep breaths. If I didn't, I would surely throw up.

I opened my eyes just as we pulled up to the gate and swiped a card in a little black machine. A few seconds passed and the large black gates opened, revealing the yard to the school. The grass was too green, the trees around the building were perfectly trimmed, and the school…

The school was enormous. I would have never thought that it was going to be this big. The dorm section had to be somewhere inside the school.

Mr. Samuels parked and laughed quietly at my expression, "Come on, Stormy. It's time to go in."

I took another deep breath and got out of the car.

A few boys stopped walking and stared over at me.

I groaned silently.

Mr. Samuels guided me to the front of the building. He stopped in front of the three boys, "Gather the rest of the boys outside. We're going to have a meeting."

They looked back and forth between him and me before obeying. When they were out of sight, Mr. Samuels walked me inside and straight into the front office.

A slender man with shaggy black hair, blue eyes, and thick glasses looked at me for a moment before turning his attention to Mr. Samuels, "I assume this is Stormy?"

"That'd be correct," Mr. Samuels said back, "I'd like you to call a meeting in the auditorium. And then show Stormy to her room. Stormy, this is Kevin. He's a senior at this school, and is also the receptionist while he isn't in class. You can ask him anything. And if you are to trust only one person here, it should be him.

"My office is right behind his desk, if you are to ever need me. Do you have any questions before I address the student body about your presence?"

I shook my head slowly, bile threatening to rise up in my throat once again.

Kevin announced the meeting and smiled over at Mr. Samuels, "All is good. Would you like me to wait until they're all gathered in the auditorium before showing her to her room?"

Mr. Samuels nodded, "That'd actually be a good idea. Wait for about ten minutes. Stormy? I'll come visit you sometime this evening with some more information about the school. But, until then, I must go and talk to these teenagers."

I didn't say anything. Actually, I couldn't say anything.

When he left, I looked down at the ground. Kevin didn't try to talk to me. He just worked at his computer and pretended that I wasn't even there. It was nice, actually. I didn't want to be bothered. I needed time to get my thoughts collected.

Kevin looked up from his work after a few minutes, "Are you ready? I'm sure the halls have been cleared out by now."

I looked at him and nodded once.

He stood, grabbed some keys off of his desk and walked over to me. He stuck his hand out, "Are you going to speak?"

I raised my eyebrows at him, took his hand, shook it once, and let it go.

He laughed, "Alright, alright. I see. I'll get you to talk sometime or another. So" – he led me out the door and into the hallway – "you're a junior girl joining a ninth through twelfth grade all boys school. This must be overwhelming for you. So I understand that you're nervous. But, you really don't have to be nervous around me. I wouldn't do anything to you anyway."

I looked up at him, waiting for clarification on that last sentence. It sounded a lot like an insult.

"I'm gay," he said, as if I should have already figured it out by now.

My eyes widened slightly.

He looked at me and smiled before returning his attention ahead, "You look surprised. Most people figure it out by just looking at me. I could talk to you about boys all night long if you wanted."

I smiled slightly.

Kevin pushed a button for the elevator and stuck his hands in his pockets. When the elevator arrived, we stepped inside and he pushed the number five.

When the doors re-opened, Kevin narrowed his eyes at a tall blonde, "Aren't you supposed to be in the meeting?"

"I slept through the announcement," he answered back, glaring, "I was on my way down there."

We stepped out of the elevator. I watched as the blonde walked in and crossed his arms. Confusion flashed across his face when he saw me, but then he smiled slightly just as the doors closed.

"Don't ever talk to that guy," Kevin said, beginning to walk down the hallway, "Trust me."

I nodded.

We arrived at my door. Kevin handed me my keys, went through the instructions that Mr. Samuels had already went through, and said goodbye.

I walked into my blue room and shut and locked the door before going over to my bed. I laid down on top of the white sheets and stared up at the ceiling.

This was going to be a long year.