You are still alive. . .Your memories will last forever deep inside. . .
The sound of your voice, your gentle touch. . .were just enough. . .to keep your memories alive inside my mind.

When I had heard that you had moved on, my life just froze in time.
I was filled with questions beyond wondering just why.

How do I act. . .How do I carry this load another day? Acting as if nothing had happened and if I was ok?

If I had just one moment to speak with you, this is what I would want to say to you. . .you were an amazing person, and this you need to know:

You were an example of strength, even though you were fighting weakness. . .Yet, I never took a moment stopping to look past myself and see how you were.
I want to apologize for not being there, and hoping it is not too late at this juncture.

All I simply had to do was ask you if you were alright.
But yet you still bless upon me the warmth of your shining light.

We will not let you down and stay strong for those you left behind. . .ensuring they know the beauty and amazement you possessed in your heart…
How you were strong, but also human; however, as humans we sometimes have moments of weakness and fall apart.

Sometimes the decisions in our past ripple into our future way too fast. . .They sneak up on us and before we even realize it, we are spinning out of control. . .
and feeling as is no one understands or really knows.

Sadness under a smile. . .bad decisions hidden by deceit. .
You don't always have to keep your armor on. . .you don't always have to feel alone, you can turn the other cheek.

Look deep within your soul as to what it is you are really seeking and the answer may be right there before your very eyes. Although, there may be no specific answer. . .
you may simply just be hiding what your feeling and living in disguise.

We have chosen the path we walk on in our lives, but there are so many forks and turns; however it is never too late to change the course of our destiny.
If these feelings are all but too familiar, chose not to be missed but rather to feel alive despite all the scrutiny.

Just chose the path that allows you to continue on with life. . .even though I may be rough.
Sometimes the easy way is not the right way, and even though you have chosen the right path, it may be a little rough.

Think of all of those that count on you and whose shoes no one can fill or place they cannot take. . .
for no decisions concerning those that you love, you must just look on silently, for there are no decisions you can make.

Life is short to begin with and we are in no position to mess with time. . .
However, although you are not here with us. . . Ur spirit is still alive.

There are so many things I wish I could have said to you. . .But I always believed I had tomorrow. . .
Now my heart is filled with unspoken words, happy memories, love, pain and sorrow.

You have touched more lives than you will ever know and that I will always admire.
As I look through your pictures and accomplishments, I cannot wrap my head around your desire.

But only you know what was in your head on the dreadful day and unfortunately in this lifestyle, you may win the battle, but lose the war. It is just such a shame that we lost yet such another amazing, young soldier to the war.

However, your still alive. . .Your memories will last forever deep inside. . . The sound of your voice, your gentle touch. . .were just enough. . .to keep your memories alive inside my mind.