Alexander stepped free of the castle keep and into the cool night air, a cloak wrapped tightly around him. He glanced at the guards for a moment and noticed how they had failed to stand at attention to him, causing a scowl to light his face. "Imbeciles don't know their betters…" he muttered to himself as he walked past. Speaking just loud enough for the guard to have easily heard him.

This caused both of them to eye the royal uncle in distaste, one mumbling to himself. "Pompous ass…" thought bad for the guard, the royal uncle, and pompous ass, had not been out of earshot.

"What was that guardsman?" Alexander asked without turning his body, and barely even glancing over his shoulder. "Nothing sir!" the guardsman called back and Alexander had to be content with that for the moment, he had a meeting to attend to. Later of course he would check the roster for the castle guard and send both of those to the dungeon for a quick flogging, it would serve them right for insulting those above them.

With a small laugh he set off, the look he could clearly imagine in his mind of their faces as they cried out under the whip…Yesssss. He may even make sure to watch himself.

Alexander then shook his head as he walked, a slight gesture to clear his mind as he continued his trek, he had much more important issues to think on. The meeting that night would decide the fate of not just himself, but the entire kingdom of Alicia!

The thought made him smile again as he exited the gate and entered the town from which many claimed all roads led to, which of course was a lie, sure many roads did, most roads within Alicia led to the capital, and even a few from other nearby kingdoms led to the capital, but not every road…Perhaps one day soon that would change though.

Alexander squinted in the night as he glanced up at a tavern sign, then sighed as he realized it was not the one he was looking for. He continued his walk and allowed his wonderful happy thoughts of torture and roads to fill his mind for a time as he journeyed towards the next tavern.

This one had to be it, despite the capital being the largest city in Alicia, and a very close second to the largest city on the entire land mass that was Tealia; there was only so many taverns it could hold.

Glancing up at the sign Alexander nodded as he realized this was indeed the correct tavern. He entered and immediately noted the change in temperature, sending Goosebumps across his skin as he went from cold to hot. It was fairly quiet on that very night it seemed, there where a few groups scattered around the tavern and they spoke quietly as they enjoyed a nice meal by their standards, Or a mug of Cheap-ale.

He placed his fine cloak on the cloak rack and walked over to the barkeeper, noticing with semi glee as he felt all eyes upon him, as well as an awed silence. It was not everyday a Royal came to a tavern.

"Your best vintage Bartender." Alexander asked simply while the bartender just kind of stared at him before finally speaking.

"Sir…This…Is a tavern, We don't have fancy wines…We have ale…" The bartender suddenly found the top of his counter extremely interesting at Alexander's piercing glare, even going as far as to scrub at it with a dirty rag. Alexander wait patiently, still looking at the bartender before his patience finally wore thin.

"Did you not hear me? Was I not clear? I commanded you to bring me your best vintage…Peon." The bartender gulped and slowly brought his eyes up to Alexanders, The piercing blue stare immediately turned his gaze downward again. "A-And I said…W-we don't have any vintage S-sir." He mumbled and the shied away as Alexander's balled fist struck the countertop, producing a loud banging sound. "DO YOU LIE TO ME? DO YOU LIKE TO YOUR BETTERS PEASANT! I WILL HAVE YOU HANGED FOR DISOBEYING THE DIRECT ORDER OF A ROYAL!" Alexander heard boot steps above his head in one of the rooms but he could careless at that moment as the bartender was by this point cowering in the corner for fear, everyone was silent, but there was no longer the awe. Only hate filled eyes watched Alexander as he turned as he heard the boots coming down the steps, and then finally arriving at the Bottom. It was a large brute of a man, with a shaved head and shabby clothing he eyed Alexander up and down before speaking. "Dryden will speak to you now Alexander."

Alexander glowered at the man but followed after he, going up the stairs to the inns master suite. Two more brutes stood guard outside, and opened the door when Alexander approached. Ushered in, the door immediately shut behind him. Leaving Alexander alone with the other occupant of the room, Who reclined nonchalantly in a chair, boots up on the edge of the table he looked over Alexander with cold eyes. "You called this meeting Alexander?" The man asked in a bored sounding tone, While the royal uncle bristled at his name being uttered in the mouths of such peasants.

"You will address me as Sir peasant, Not Alexander." He said glaring at the man, whom's gaze seemed to grow colder.

"You know…Alexander, I have a knife right here that could be in your throat in three seconds, you would die about a Minute and a Half afterwards depending on where I sent it, Then ten minutes after that I would send a couple guards out to bribe the Castle guardsmen to say you had left the castle, speaking about how you had decided to go for a midnight stroll. Then I would find some poor poor soul who wanted his family taken care of and give him the knife buried in your throat, They would find you in an alleyway around midnight, Then they would catch the soul who had your wonderfully full coin pouch around a day later when he tried to buy too much at one time. Then you would be dead. And I would be perfectly fine, Still doing what I do best…Killing people." Dryden spoke, His tone as icy as his stare as he explained in great detail what he would do to Alexander. "So I would watch who you try to give orders in here. Alexander. Am I understood?"

Alexander gulped, suddenly fearful as he realized just how easy the man could kill him and get away with it, he sighed, then nodded and Dryden clapped his hands as if pushing the issue aside. His tone and gaze suddenly turning neutral. "Very good then, now what can I do for you Alexander?" He asked sounding curious.

"I want the throne."

That gave Dryden pause as he realized just what he was possibly going to be paid to do.

"Of Alicia?" Dryden countered.


Dryden blinked again then a smile spread across his face; He would rob this royal blind for this deed.

"Alright, Just the king?"

"No, my nephew as well…there can be no issue of succession."

Dryden's smile spread wider. Things just kept getting better and better.

"I'm going to charge double then."

"Double what?"

"Double my price."

"Which is?" Alexander asked, they had finally reached the crossroads.

"I will tell you when the time comes…" Dryden said simply.

Now it was turn for Alexander to be given pause. No charge?

"A-Alright?" Alexander said slowly and hesitantly.

"Alright then, My guards will see you out." Dryden said and as if on queue the door opened and Alexander was yanked out by the arms, then physically carried out of the tavern and dropped unceremoniously on the hard ground, his cloak thrown at him only as an afterthought.

Alexander glanced back at the tavern before quickly standing and fixing his clothes, a frown already forming before he realized what he had just agreed too. That caused the smile to split his face as he started his walk back to the castle. The thoughts of Kingship, Torturing disrespectful guards, And the ultimate power he was soon to wield held him all the way back to the castle.