Pigs, Wolves, and Sarcasm

Three little pigs bla, bla, bla, bluck

When it comes to pigs I don't give a f**k

One little pig built it's house out of straw

And that d*******g wolf blew it over, HAHA

The second little pig built it out twigs

Oh that's gonna work! Ha-no go figs

The third little pig built a house out of bricks

That he sh** out after watching the exorcist

The wolf got stumped and had to think

"How about I make the whole building stink!"

He got some mustard and mixed it with gas

The loser little pig hit the floor real fast

The fourth little pig who shouldn't exist

Made the d****e wolf extremely pissed

The fourth little pig, who had a very high squeal

Made a solid house and built it of steel

The wolf was stuck with nothing to do

He tried endlessly, he blew, he blew,

The wolf passed out from lack of air

Looks like the pig made the match more fair

the pig in triumph stroked the hair on it's chin

The pig has ended with a big fat win