A funny little story about rabbits and one person's crippling fear of them. Inspired by the coming Easter holiday. Enjoy and please review! (AN-I personally have nothing against rabbits.)

Scaredy Rabbit

I stopped. There, in the middle of the path, was a monster. The furriest monster that I had ever seen. I didn't care what other people called them. They were monsters.


Little furry monsters. With their big buck teeth and quivering noses. How could people actually find them delightful? How could people give them the cute name of bunny? How could people give that thing the honor of being a holiday mascot?

They were nothing more than grotesque miniature kangaroos.

And there I was trying to go for a leisurely walk through the woods. What right did this…this little furball have to stop me in my walk?

People have always told me that my aversion to these little animals was strange. People have always told me that rabbits like to shy away from people. That they were afraid of people and ran away.

Well, people, you were wrong. There was one now blocking my path.

I could do nothing but stare at it. The little monster sat there, as if it owned the trail through the woods. I began trembling, but it only sat there.

It turned its head, quivering its nose at me. I trembled more, my teeth chattering together in my head, making it impossible for me to think.

The furry monster's black eyes looked at me. It inspected the ground in front of its feet.

I could just imagine those feet hiding sharp little claws.

The rabbit nibbled at some grass that was growing in the path.

I could just imagine the mouth hiding sharp little teeth. It could tear me apart. I had nothing to defend myself with. I couldn't move, even if I had any weapons.

Its nose quivered at me again, an attack. My knees quivered at it, a surrender. It hopped toward me and I gave up. I dropped to the ground. I lost the battle.