Hello my name is Stuart and i'm a nobody. I'm not worth anything to anyone. I don't even think my only friends think i'm worth anything. It's the same crap everyday. But all that changed to where i'm at now. I'm the only person keeping my class alive. Wait okay you probaly won't understand what's going on so lets go back.

Two weeks before.

Stuart is walking from home to school. Then a bunch of bullies saw him.

Bully: Hey look at this Guys! Little Stuart...alone... Great timing.

They grab him.

Stuart: Leave me alone!

Bully: Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about you're defenceless.

A girl appears behind the bullies.

Girl: Oh yeah!

The girl grabs the bullies by the neck and bangs their heads together and they run off and the girl helps Stuart up.

Girl: (Sigh) Stuart you can't have me protect you all the time.

Stuart: I didn't ask you to Brooke.

Brooke: Never mind... come on we'll walk to school our friends are probaly waiting on us.

They walk on till they reach the school they head off to their classroom to be greeted by their friends.

Caleb: Hey what took you so long?

Brooke: A bunch of jackasses were bullying him again.

Bradley: Stuart you should defend yourself.

Stuart: I try but...

The teacher was ready to begin his lesson.

Teacher: Before we start our lessons there is something that you should hear. Last night a sickness has spread but at a small radius there has been no news about school being cancelled so...Normal plans. get out you're books out.

Everyone moans. But when they got their books out the power went out.

Pupil: Sir if you expect us to read in the dark...

Teacher: Stop being a smart ass.

There is a faint moaning heard.

Teacher: Class wait here i'll see where that is coming from.

The teacher leaves to investigate the strange noise.

Pupil: Hello freak.

Stuart just looks at him.

Stuart: Really?! there is a weird moaning noise a power cut and you're focusing on bullying me.

Brooke: You sad prick.

Pupil: What did you call me.

The pupil grabs Brooke and is about to punch her but Stuart approaches him and punches him.

Stuart: Leave her alone!

Brooke: Thanks.

Stuart: The many times you defended me i owed you one.

The teacher came back with a panic look.

Teacher: It bit me!

A huge bite mark is shown on his hand.

Iris: What bit you?!

Teacher: That person who was moaning.

Then before we know it a girl comes and starts growling and spots our teacher and starts biting him and eating him.

Pupil: Oh My god...Ahhhh

Stuart: Stop screaming you Fucking girl...

Stuart picks up a metre stick and beats the cannibal to death.

Pupil: You killed it!

Stuart: Well...If i didn't we would become that?

Lauren: What are they?

Stuart: Zombies.

Tony: What do we do?

Stuart: Well it looks like school is cancelled.

This chapter ends with the class looking out to the dark hallway.

Next time.

Stuart: What has happened our town?!

Brooke: What happened to you Stuart you changed.

Stuart: Now that i've changed you expect me to act like that worthless vegetable!

Brooke: No that's not it at all!

Stuart's house is shown.

Stuart: Mum?

His mum is shown as a zombie.

Stuart: What?!