She passed the gates, her skirts swirling around her ankles, armor clanking. She started down the tree-lined path, towards her next adventure. The wind swirled around her whipping her hair about her face. She lifted her face to it enjoying the feeling of freedom.

There was only one thing – person- she would miss. But he was honor-bound to stay and there was no way she was staying for him. She was a wanderer and he was a Prince.

He watched her go, knowing she wouldn't turn. He also knew he wouldn't, couldn't follow after her. His people needed him. She didn't.

"Emmaline!" Her named slipped from his lips. She stiffened and slowly turned. He jogged up.

"Jayseph." Her voice was firm. "Go back to your people." He gave her a slow sad smile, a hand rising to cup her cheek.

"I'm not coming after you, flower. I just wanted to give you this." He lifted a sliver chain from around his head, gently lowering it over hers. A sliver ring shaped like an oak branch winked in the sunlight.

"Jay!" She protested. He caught her hand as she tried to give it back to him. His fingers curled hers around the necklace, kissing the back of it.

"To remember me by, Emmaflower. If you ever return here, just show the guards this and you'll be let in. Promise." She nodded, and flung her arms around him.

"Thank you." She whispered in his ear. He nodded.

They separated, Emmaline standing and watching as Jayseph, started back to his world of white stone halls. She waited on the brink of her world and his, for him to look back.

When he did, she let the wind carry the Emmaflowers she was carrying, back towards him.

He caught her eyes and smiled.

They never saw each other again.

He became King and married.

She stayed a wanderer, as free as the wind and tied down nowhere.

They never forgot their first love though.

A/N: Ok so for this one… Well I got bored and chose a picture on my ipad and made a story about it.

Emmaline: Is named after an imaginary flower I'm calling an Emmaflower, because they fall off their trees at the slightest touch (think lilies) (she never stays in one place for two long). She has long pale blonde hair, pale skin, and light green eyes.

Jayseph: Jay-seph (As in Joseph). Dark haired, skinned and eyed. Prince of a kingdom.