No Room

I sighed as I slammed my fist into some guy's nose. Could they not just leave me alone for more than a day? Was that really too much to ask?

Before I could take out the next guy, some boy in a leather jacket slammed into him from the side, efficiently knocking him out. He stood up and brushed himself off before turning to block a punch.

"Go away." I growled at him. He threw a smirk at me over his shoulder, the momentary distraction causing him to be clocked in the face.

"What? Not even a thank you?" He asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Thank you. Go away." He laughed and launched himself into a back flip using one of the armed idiots to do so.

"Ah but I can never turn down a damsel in distress." He told me, safely on his feet once more.

I snarled and ignored the rest of his talk as I centered my attention on taking out the rest of the men. When I was done and the boy and I where the only ones left standing I walked over to him. He smiled and saluted me.

"Where are we off too next, Capt'n?" He asked cheekily. I responded by knocking him out. Though as a small bit of kindness I caught him before he cracked his head on the concrete.

I left him there with the rest of them.

There was no room for another person in the life of a fugitive.