Chapter 1 - the New School

As I walked into this foreign school I had no desire to be in, I simply cursed god for having us more to the new territory since my father is a circuit overseer for this circuit of Jehovah's Witnesses. Another four years in this this place until we move again. I hate the fact that we have to keep moving and all of it... I made it clear to them I don't want to be a Jehovah's Witness but they said "As long as your in our house you have to obey our rules" and blah b-blah b-blah.
7; 21;16; those are the combination to my lock. As I open my locker I find a note inside. It must've been an old student locker. The Note reads as following:

Dear New Student,

Welcome to this new hell hole. I wish I could say
you'll survive, but I can't unless you're straight.
By the time you read this I am most likely dead.
I have committed suicide because of being har-
assed and bullied by both teachers and stud-
ents for being gay. I wish you the best of luck
new person. If you're gay, keep it hidden. Be-
ware of Amber McFaught.

-Amelia Willowsmith

P.S. Next note, room 372 page 158

Great, such a great welcoming. As I looked in the corner of my eye, I say the most beautiful girl in my life staring at the locker like it was a ghost...a ghost of this Amelia girl. She had red fiery hair that brought out her emerald green eyes. She had light vanilla skin that had freckles on her cheeks which looked adorable. She must be popular with that body of hers plus her looks... Oh god please forgive me!
Wait...why am I even thinking like this?! I ignore the thought as much as I could until she came up to me and how badly I wished she would let me stay in my la-la world just a little longer.
"Hello, I am Amber McFaught." She introduced herself and my world, my dreams, my lust got crashed down by this note of a girl who committed suicide.