How do I explain what goes through my mind? I guess if I had to use one word it would be you. Every day I awake to the rising sun wondering if you are waking up to it as well. I go outside and sit in the early morning watching the Sunrise up slowly, listening to the Birds chirp. I feel the Gentle morning breeze brush my skin and I look around and see nothing but the soft Yellow light slowly illuminating the earth. I stop and think to myself about how much more fantastic this Beautiful, wondrous, moment could be if you were seeing it with me. I only wish that you were by my side sitting with me on the bench, watching the day rise with a new beginning.
As I sit and take a Deep breathe of the Fresh Crisp morning air, I realize that you are so far away from me. I look up at the Lavender colored sky and wonder why it is the most important people who are always so far away from you? I take another Deep breath then let out a slow and gently sigh. Why the most important things in life our lives are always so difficult to find or to have?
Letting out another sigh I look up towards the yard that is so green, lush, and full of life and wonder why that can't be me? Why can I not be so full of life and have everything that helps me to grow and live, right there with me? Guess that is just How Human life works.

Sitting here on this bench alone every morning makes me realize something inside me grows sadder with each day. I think the only reason I am not completely lost is because I know you still care. I know that one day we will cross paths again, hopefully when that day comes we will be sitting on this bench together. Together watching the sun rise up into the lavender sky and smelling that fresh crisp morning air. We will be like two morning birds or maybe something even more wonderful than that, we could be the sun greeting the sky.

Oh but until that time comes to, I will wake up every morning and sit right here on my bench waiting, waiting for you.