Ruby yawned, opened her eyes, and observed the world around her. A thin beam of pure sunlight fell from the window onto her lap. She eased herself up and tip-toed around Chloe's head to the window. She daren't pull the curtain, else her friends would wake at an unnatural time. She flirted with the idea of breaking from her morning ritual but that would simply not do. No, an optimised morning ritual was the mark of everyone who ever hoped to become anything. First, she decided to make a brief stock check. Time machines (one unbeknownst to Jasmine's parents) still parked in the en-suite lavatory. Beds (four) one solid oak which Jasmine lay inside, three on the floor precariously constructed of duvets and yoga mats. Feet (six, two missing) two of her own, two long and olive-tinted, two tiny and twitching gently, Chloe almost at the lightest part of her REM cycle. Ashtanga yoga begins.


They would wake in approximately three minutes.

Sun salutation into downward-facing dog.

She made a futile attempt to recall the night's events, but alas her sleep addled brain would hear of no such thing.


She sighed and cocked her head toward her feeble friends.

Up, then warrior.

Until the day had truly begun and her synapses had clicked into action she was but their equal. Is there such a thing as backhanded self deprecation?

And end.

She hopped up, and bounced down the stairs, making sure to bend her knees every step so as not to make a noise. She had one minute until they woke, and four until they would descend the staircase. Enough time to make breakfast!

The floor of the kitchen was cold against the bare soles of her feet. She could smell a faint hint of burnt flour with acidic overtones. Tina had time for breakfast, which was good. Either that or air-wick were finally getting creative. A note was placed on the table adjacent to her hand.

gone to find dan dont wory

Faults (five) spelling error, complete lack of punctuation, no capitalization of "gone", needs a comma in the centre, no capitalization of a proper noun. So like her.

She made a small upper class noise of recognition and waltzed over to the Walthew work surfaces to prepare breakfast. She got out the bread from the bread bin, pickled onions from the cupboard and tomato ketchup from the fridge. She then sat down to prepare her meal.

She sat in the dining room at one corner of the table and admired the plate of canapés that sat in the middle. She was just about to take her first bite of her precariously made delight when Chloë entered.

"I made breakfast!"

"Do know where Tina is?" she asked a slightly strained look on her face. Ruby was offended at the complete lack of acknowledgement for her efforts, but she was willing to look it over. They were her friends after all.

"Good morning Chloe, you're looking bright this morning. Care for some toast?" Jasmine on the other hand was obviously worried. She was wringing her hands constantly and finding it hard to stand still. Ruby said no more.

"Well? We woke up and Tina was gone! How you didn't notice I'll never know!" Jasmine pressed.

"Oh, Tina is alright. She has just gone to find Dan," Ruby responded.

Chloe was outraged. "WHAT! And you didn't think of telling us?"

"Well, no, I didn't think it was something you'd be deeply interested in,"

"Of course we'd want to know! She's our friend after all! Or have you forgotten that already?"

Ruby would have none of this nonsense. Why couldn't they have faith in her judgement or Tina's strength? "If you'd just calm down now, I'm sure that she is quite fine, Toast." She gesticulated towards the plate. Chloe looked horrified.

"How do you know? Something bad could have happened to her!"

"I'll see," Jasmine stated. Chloë's shoulders slumped and she raised both arms in a gesture of defeat, like a parent dealing with a toddler. They waited patiently for Jasmine to make the connection. Jasmine was collected. She sat down on a kitchen stool and closed her eyes. After moments, a few strands of hair rose into the air as if by static, floating gracefully as if she were underwater. Her arms were raised in front of her abdomen, palms to the ceiling as if by instinct. She was using Aura Sight to find Tina.
As she concentrated she gave them the basics of her power.

"Tina's Aura won't be as bright as an Aura Guardian's but still brighter than normal because of her powers." She searched a while more. After a few more moments she gasped, "She's at Daniel's house!" She tensed. "Hold on, I'll establish a connection."

As she focused more, more strands of her hair wafted into the air. Her nose scrunched gently, and under her eyelids her irises started to glow a bright aquamarine. She started to think a message to Tina.

Tina was sat down on her own, nursing her injured hand. Daniel had been scavenging the local alleyways like a vulture for antiseptic and sterile bandages. She started to think about how her friends were doing. Ruby wouldn't be too troubled by her disappearance but Chloë would be, and Jasmine! She sighed heavily.

'Tina?' She heard, she put her head up,

'Tina?' she heard again, she stood up and looked around,

'Tina, are you there?' she pinpointed the voice the voice inside her head,

'Tina?' She then thought she recognised the voice.

"What? Jasmine?" she said out loud.

'Tina! Where have you been? We've been so worried! Don't you dare run off like that again or I'll be very angry and you know what happens when I'm angry!' Tina had to stop a laugh escaping her lips as she thought about Jasmine angry. It was hilarious when it happened to other people but when it happened to you it was really scary…

"Yeah, ok, I'm sorry. But I did leave a note!" she explained, "I'm over at Daniel's at the moment and I found him! He saved my life! Don't you think that's amazing!" she gushed, her hand forgotten as she thought about him.

'What? Saved you from what?' Jasmine blurted, her worry marking her curious words as those of concern. Tina sighed hopelessly,

"I'll tell you when I see you,"

'If you were here nothing would have happened! What were you thinking anyway?!" Jasmine ranted on, all about the same thing, how she disappeared. She collapsed back onto the chair in defeat, listening to Jasmine's seemingly eternal lecture on safety. She hadn't noticed Daniel's dark eyes observing her from the doorway.

"Uh…Who were you talking to?" she jumped and turned,

"SHUT UP!" she screamed in shock at the uncomprehending boy before she realized it was him, or what she was even shouting for. Jasmine's voice went quiet and Tina felt immediately bad.

"You know the fact that Jasmine is an Aura Guardian…"


"I was talking to her and she was keeping the connection open,"

"Can she hear us now?"

"I don't think so,"

"Better get back to her then," he stepped up to her and held her injured hand tenderly. She winced but spoke to Jasmine again.

"Sorry about that, had to tell Dan why I was talking to the opposite wall like a crazy person." There was silence for a moment,

'You do know that you can talk to me inside your head right?'

"Oh," Tina smiled awkwardly then cried out when Daniel started applying the antiseptic.

'What's wrong?' Jasmine practically screamed in her head.

"Antiseptic…" Tina managed to force out, on the verge of tears, "Hurts like hell!"

'I'll leave you to it then but are you coming home soon?'

"YES!" She screamed. Daniel had gotten a cloth and was wiping at her wound to get rid of the blood. Tears were streaming down her face. This was nothing compared to actually shot in the first place.

'See you then," She felt Jasmine's connection break then screamed again; it was all she could do not to thrash around as well. But even if she did, he had a strong grip on her hand. He finished up after what seemed centuries then expertly tied the bandage on before clipping it into place with safety pins. Tina was still whimpering slightly but was calming down considerably quickly. She curled into a ball and recoiled away from Dan. The instinct to get away from what was causing her pain overrode any affection she held for him. She cradled the slender fingers of her hand.

"Done," he murmured, glad it was over. Tina nodded slightly and took a deep breath.

"Thank God," she uttered, shivering at the memory of that excruciating pain. He had actually done a pretty good job though, such was the effect of mandatory 's ambulance training. She was about to comment on it when the doorbell rang. He looked at her with a confused frown.

"Not me, I'm meeting them at Jasmine's house," he lifted the blinds slightly then smiled.

"It's only Harvey and Harry,"


"The boys I hang out with in school?"

"Oh, right," Tina remarked automatically, still not fully aware of her environment. He walked out the room and she followed going to the kitchen for a drink of water. All the screaming in pain had made her throat dry. If she wasn't careful she'd lose her voice altogether. She tentatively took her sip and closed her eyes happily, the fresh coolness of the water soothing her sore throat. She opened her eyes just as Daniel came in. Behind him were the two boys who she had sometimes seen him hanging out with when he wasn't with Corey. Harry was tall and very bulky. His dusty brown hair was precisely coiffures for someone who prided themself on being 'macho'. Tina had mentally compared him to Mr Potato head many a time. He was a generally vacant boy who had a dangerous enthusiasm for guns and the Jeremy Kyle show. Tina mentally noted that his dream of being on it would be fulfilled soon enough. The rumours were, that, despite being fifteen (and downright fugly) he had managed to impregnate some poor girl. He'd never liked her so when he saw she was standing there he stopped mid sentence and stared at her. Harvey on the other hand was smaller with blonde hair. His turned up nose, the slight yellowish tinge to his skin and sharp voice meant he somewhat resembled a radioactive porcupine.

"Guys, you know Tina right?" Daniel asked. Harvey nodded and sneered derisively. Harry on the other hand just stood there glaring at her through his little piggy eyes and snorting through his nostrils like a bull.

"Well, I'd better be heading off now anyway. Thanks for fixing me up," She hugged Dan.

"Okay, just stay safe." she groaned.

"Jasmine told me enough but thanks. Bye guys!" she kissed Daniel quickly then walked out the door on her way back to her friends.