"You know it's a bad idea when I don't want to do it." She told the earthly child. Terra was always the one to follow a friend's advice but today she needed to do this for herself. She had to see what was in the mountain on the other side of the island. Abella was right behind her, swiftly floating inches from the ground. She had long white with blue streaked hair down to her back, a pale face with light blue eyes. "I mean, yes, I too am course about it but…you don't know what's in there." Abella was talking fast, which could only mean that she was nervous. There was also a small white owl following behind. "Who" was all the little guy could say.

"That's why I'm doing this, Strig. So we can know." Terra was giddy, he voice higher in pitch than she usually sounded. "Don't you ever just wonder?" she turned back at her friends with a grin on her face. Her dark brown hair tuning with her, Abella could see the excitement in the earthly child's dark brown eyes.

When they came out of the forest Terra stopped. She had never ventured out this far away from her forest. They lived on an island they called the Isles of Eve. It was the most beautiful and lushes isle the world has ever known to hold and it housed the world's most powerful goddesses. She and Abella had powers of the elements. She ruled the earth and all the animals in it, while Abella took hold of all the skies and winds with all the birds. There other goddesses that lived on the island as well. There was the water goddess that lived in the lake that separated the mountains from the Terra's forest unbeknown to them and one that lived in the mountains.

Terra took a deep breath and a small step forward. When she felt the wet dewy grass on the he bear feet it was almost a relief to her. She lived in the trees and from there she could only see the water that surrounded her and the mountain on the other side. So the feel of the familiar grass gave her a great sense of calm. She could fell the sun lighting up her skin. She stopped to take in the scene of the 'new world' that she had stepped.

It was a meadow with lush green grass, the cool spring air, blue sky and puffy white clouds overhead and a lake running along the land; beyond the lake there was a large mountain with a white caps and smoke coming out of the roof.

"Ok so you saw the mountain. Can we go back now?" Abella was way more nervous then she usually is about things which made Terra turn around and look at her. Still floating Abella looked at Terra with her eyebrows meshed together. 'That's a bad sign.' Terra thought. She spun around and looks at Abella.

"What's wrong?" she says with eyebrow raised.

"I've been over there…and there's this thing…" she was speaking slowly and looking around. Then her eyes focused on the lake. Terra looked back at the water, but there was nothing there. In-fact the water had not seemed to move even though there was a steady flowing stream coming from the far left of the lake. Terra looked back at Abella and all they could do was stand there.

Then there was the sound, the little laughter behind them. They turned around again to a silent lake, but this time there were ripples in the center of it. Terra looked at Abella and with a silent agreement they both quietly made there way over the lake. The two small girls knelt down at the edge of the land and looked down into the water. It was a clear and pristine lake with orange and white striped koi fish swimming up the stream. The light shimmered in the lake and hit the koi fish scales, making them more gold than orange.

"Do you see anything?" Terra whispered to the other.

"Not a single-." Before Abella could get the words out a person tipped her head out of the water, to the point where only her eyes were showing. Terra jumped back with a high pitched scream while Abella sat smiling and waving at the girl in the lake.

"Oh hello!" she said with a bright grin on her face. "I didn't see you there!" She looked over to her friend who was lying on her back, breathing hard, and looking at the sky.

"In the name of the Mother, never do that again!" Terra shouted at the sky.

"That's Terra, I'm Abella. What's your name?"

The water child moved up and showed her whole face. She had dark black hair that shone to show a drack blue glow in it. Her face was round and heart shaped, and even though she had been in the water he lips were a bright pink. "Thalassa." She said with a soft flowing voice.

At that sound of her voice Terra sat up timidly. She looked at Thalassa with wide eyes. "Ok so you live in the water?" she said with a confused face.

"You live in the trees?" Thalassa's eyebrow rose as she said that, not meaning for it to be a question not wanting an answer. Terra also raised her eyebrows, squinting her eyes in a warning. The white owl flew down and sat down on Terra's shoulders. "Who,"

They all turned to it and it seemed like only Terra knew what he was saying. "I know but she at least has to say something about it."

"Who," the owl tilts his head to the side.

"It means she's a goddess? Then that explains a lot!" Terra's face became light with a new happiness, "that means she might know what's in the mountains!"

"Who," Terra lips doped from a smile to a straight line. "Who asked you!?" she waved her hands near the owl. He picked up his wings and flew away towards the forest. Abella and Thalassa just stared at Terra. When she looked back at them she had a small grin on her face. "Thalassa!" That shocked them out of the thought. "Do you know the mountains up on the other side of the island?"

"Yeah," Thalassa spoke slowly with a confused look "I know that it's not a mountain..?" Terra looked closely at the water child, trying to figure out where she was going with this. "It's a volcano." Thalassa said this with a nod of her head. Terra tilted her head up still looking at Thalassa. "That means it has fire in it..?" terra's head dropped down and she shock it.

"Nope, not understanding you."

"Ok well its like-…well it looks like-…"the other girls where looking at Thalassa with puzzled faces and tilted heads. "Its…do want to see it?"


"Yes!" the girls said this at the same time. Aballe's face in horror and Terra's face shone with amusement. Thalassa looked at Terra then at Abella, back at Terra and then back at Abella.

"It's ok you'll be safe." She reassured in a quiet soothing voice.

The three of them started walking and Thalassa was telling them everything she knew about the waters and terra was telling her everything she knew about the land. They quickly got to know each other and the effect they had on each other. Abella stayed quiet in the background walking slowly.

When they had reached the foot of the mountain they soon came to a realization that it was not one but a group of three mountains. The one that they were all looking at from their lands was the volcano. It was the largest and tallest one of the three, the others in the back where mini-volcanos compared to the first one.

"Never in the entire world have I seen anything so big." Terra was in shock at how much she under estimated this "mountain". The tree in her home forest that is at least 400 feet in height and this volcano makes her tree look like a twig in comparison. They all had to bend their heads up and look skyward.

"Ok well now that we know how big it is let's go back." Abella turned around and started to walk when terra grabbed at her arm and pulled her forward in front of the two of them.

"Nope were all doing this to the end." She said still looking at the volcano. They set off to walk the whole of the volcano until they got to the top. It was dark and the temperature had dropped significantly, but the girls had nearly noticed with it. The lava from the volcano was heating them and the air around them.

"The night sky filled with the millions of stars that the Mother made. She made them for the creatures that I now take care of, it's like a night light so they don't get lost or get scared." Terra was telling them as they reached the top of the volcano.

"How do you know so much about this mother person but you have no idea what a volcano is?"

"That's because all she knows is the mother." Abella said. They all looked at terra and when they walked closer to both of them gave her a pat unconsciously. "Guys it's too dark let's go back and cone latter sometime never" Abella said as they walked on. They came to the edge of the volcano where they could see the lava flow. The dark sky made the red lava look bright. They had to cover their eyes when they looked into the lava flow. And when they looked into it they saw a women floating on the lava. The lava around her was bubbling and bursting in little balls of fire.

"How in the name of the Mother…!?" the girl in the jumped as soon she heard terra shouting. "How are you doing that?