A captured spirit

A captured spirit, longing for the key.

Flooding itself in its own misery.

Caged by inequality,

Forever striving to be free.

A flood of anger erupting on the inside.

It faces insanity that surrounds its mind.

Being labelled and ordered to be a slave.

Not able to live, not thanked for what it gave.

The want to be heard, they still feel the need to scream.

The absolute absurd, lost in a Sorrow's dream.

Hatred will leave its tainted trace

By leaving scars on your face.

Even though doing right leaves the doers wronged,

Committing wrong will leave the committed right.

Either way, a man must fight.

Empowered by injustice, beauty fades away,

because no one cares to listen to what a fighter has left to say.