Good Friday

Jesus stood before the court,

On trial in our place,

Listen to me, do not retort,

It was done to save our race.

In the hour of trial,

He pled for us,

Lest by base denial,

We would unworthy be.

When He sees us waver,

With a look he would recall,

Nor for fear or favor,

Ever should let us fall.

Upon the cross extended,

See, world, your Lord is here suspended,

He yields His breath.

Gives His spirit unto death.

Jesus in His dying woes,

Even while His lifeblood flows,

Craves pardon for His foes,

Who calls harshly as the crows.

"He saved others but not Himself!"

Hear the unbeliever's cry.

"If He comes down from the cross Himself,"

"Only then would we believe!"

Christ's words ring forth,

"'Tis finished! 'Tis finished!"

Hear these words in the South, the North,

See His life, gone, diminished.

Oh, darkest woe!

My tears forth flow.

Has this Earth so sad a wonder?

God the Father's only Son,

Now is buried yonder.

Hear the Centurion's shout,

"Surely this was the Son of God!"

See His blood falling on the sod,

See the tears falling all about.

Certainly, God was there on Calvary,

God the Father's only Son.

He cried, "It is done!"

Although he is dead, beside the cross do tarry.

My dearest Savior died for me,

For Heaven, he is the key.

The promised Messiah died for you,

To make your life like His anew.